working for uber as a driver

Working For Uber As A Driver

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What it’s like working for uber as a driver?

For many people, the idea of working for Uber sounds quite scary. You’ve got plenty of things to consider along the way in terms of what working for Uber can feel like, whether you have total freedom to be yourself and whether the pay is worth your time and effort.

With that being said, working for Uber has a lot more to it than just potentially earning money – it also brings into the account the human factor. Being an Uber driver opens up new social possibilities as well, and allows you to get experiences that you probably wouldn’t have in the past.

So, what’s it like working for Uber?

A Unique Environment

Given you are more or less a freelancer, you have more scope to be “you”. If you like to be open about your personality and a chatty driver, then you can be sure to get positive reviews or uber ratings from  like-minded people, driving you more to this kind of passenger.

Other taxi firms want a more “professional” i.e. rank in file, dull approach to their staff. With Uber, you get to be more yourself and you don’t have to be so committed to the usual norm that holds back so many drivers from having a good time.

Working for Uber – Funny stories

The kinds of people who are using Uber tend to be a bit savvier, a bit easier going than most. You will obviously get the odd customer who makes you wish you never responded, but you’ll meet lots of friendly people. Over the time of career working for Uber you will hear plenty of crazy stories and get to meet a large amount of new and interesting people.

One thing you will absolutely love about Uber, though, is the personality of the people you meet!

It gives you a far more open experience than other taxi firms would have, instead letting you get to know these people and eventually become their regular driver, making it easier to earn well. People like to have someone to rely upon and if you become their regular driver, it will make a big difference.

Consistent Returns

As we just mentioned above, working for Uber means that people will come to you again and again if you are available, and you are good at your job. So, as long as you don’t mind studying your riders behaviors a little and getting to know their quirks and personalities. You will quickly find that it’s incredibly easy to just have some fun together and make them recurring clients.

You would never get this not working for Uber, as you would just get whoever comes first. Given how Uber works, though, it’s easy to find yourself regularly getting the same people.

Experience new Locations

The best part about working for Uber, though, is the experience of going to new places. You’ll find yourself scooting through town going to various venues with people, helping them enjoy themselves and ensuring that everyone can appreciate a safe journey together.

So, to put it simply, with Uber you have the chance to earn well, meet new people, hear some crazy stories and just overall be yourself. Instead of having to act to the specific whims of a firm you can be you and engage with clients, which is more fun than just being polite!