What is UberEats – All You Need To Know

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Uber is the most popular and rapidly developing rideshare company today, Uber has done a great job of taking over the transportation industry by storm. However, not content to stop at just one style of service, Uber now runs a small army of sub-services at the same time. One such service which is garnering much attention is that of UberEats.

What is UberEats?

UberEats is a new food delivery program which Uber are using. The idea is to pick up local food from restaurants and bring it to you. This saves you having to pop out and get the food yourself. For a larger fee than you would pay for normal delivery, you can pick from a wider range of selections and have the convenience of it coming straight to you.

How Does It Work?

This works in a rather simple way, like all Uber apps. You just need to download the app from your chosen app store, and then add in your delivery address. Uber then provides you with a listing of the best restaurants and takeout stores that you can pick from. Then, you place an order, and can follow the journey of your meal as it is prepared, delivered and enjoyed.

It really is that simple. As one of the simplest ways to order food, this is taking off in a pretty big way thanks to its simplicity.

Which cities use UberEats?

At present, the following cities are making the most of UberEats. Be sure to keep checking back, though, as more cities will be added as time goes on;

  • Amsterdam, Atlanta, Austin.
  • Baltimore, Brooklyn.
  • Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus.
  • Dallas, Dubai.
  • East Bay, Edmonton.
  • Houston
  • Johannesburg
  • Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles.
  • Marin, Melbourne, Miami.
  • Nashville, New Haven, New York.
  • Orange County, Ottawa.
  • Paris, Philadelphia, Phoenix.
  • San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, South Bay, Stamford, Sydney.
  • Tampa Bay, Tokyo, Toronto.
  • Washington, D.C.

Check the official website for more details on each city.

Who can drive for this program?

A lot of regular Uber drivers fill in this way when they have low order volume and want to try and make a bit of extra cash on the side. However, it’s not the same role – new challenges exist and thus it can be an issue for those not used to the role itself. It’s not easy and it means making rapid transit and then delivery across what can sometimes feel like impossible gaps.

How does delivery work?

Delivery is very simple. If you fall within the coverage area of a certain restaurant then you simply need to open the app, make your order, and await the delivery driver to turn up. Please be aware that the majority of the time you need to meet the driver outside although this varies from city to city.

This means that you meet the driver outside where you have chosen as your meeting spot for delivery, you can collect the food that way. This is for safety as much as anything else – for both parties. Delivery, though, is very simple to go through.

Some locations will have the driver come in and drop the food off right on your doorstep – it really does depend on where you go and who you are dealing with, in truth.

Requirements for Drivers

The requirements for drivers are very lax, in fairness. So long as you are over the age of 19 and have a car from 1996 or newer (varies by city), you are eligible. You will pick up food from the chosen distribution location, store it in your car, and then drop it off ASAP.

You can schedule shifts as far as one week in advance so that you always know when you want to be doing deliveries or just normal driving. This is a pretty fair way of working the service, but you don’t have a huge amount to try and pass before you would be eligible.

So long as you can provide the following;

  • A fully working drivers licence.
  • Regular insurance.
  • Vehicle registration proof.
  • 1 year of experience on the road minimum.
  • The physical capacity to lift up to 30 pounds.

Some Uber stores go for the need to be an UberX driver, too, though, so look out for that in your own local area. Outside of that, though? There isn’t a huge amount to be worried about when signing up for UberEats.

Please be aware, though, that shifts are limited at present. You don’t get a shift just because you asked for one – the demand has to be there. In some emerging markets this won’t exist and thus you will ned to get approval for shifts in advance.

You’ll receive a text message 24hr before your shift is due to start confirming that it will be taking place. Then, you get access to a location to pick up your food and the time you should be there, ready to work.

If you don’t get this message, you aren’t working that night. It will take time for the process to take off and for more areas to start making use of this service. Until then, if you wish to make the most of deliveries and using that side of the service, you will have to be part of the queue.

Payment Rates for Drivers

The payment rates for drivers, though, are pretty fair. You get on average $3 for every delivery, so on a good hour you could take in around $20. However, it’s going to be pretty steady as most deliveries will have an average time. As such the most you could do in an hour would be 6-7, give or take.

This means that while income is limited due to time, if you can get a few hours of extra work then you can make good money with UberEats. When combined with a normal shift on Uber, you can make a pretty decent living using this if you go about it in the right way.

So, will you be signing up to use the UberEats service? Well, at least you should consider it.