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What Is Uber VIP All About?

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About Uber VIP

For a large chunk of people today, one of the biggest and most common issues tend to be public transportation. From trains that never arrive to taxis that cost triple, people are sick of the normal ways of travelling around the cities that make up this planet.

Thankfully, other solutions are now on hand – solutions that make plenty of sense from a business point of view, too. If you have never heard of Uber, then it’s the cost-effective solution that benefits everyone. It makes public transport nice and easy to make the most of, and it also ensures that you get to your place of work or social enjoyment with a fraction of the problems from the past.

However, for those who still want to travel with a bit of class and save money, another option exists – it’s known as Uber VIP, and it’s massive.

What is Uber VIP?

Uber VIP is like the normal Uber service, but design for riders with high ratings and takes at least 100 rides and wants to travel in A+ fashion. One of the most impressive factors about Uber is that it finds easy ways to spit up normal travel and luxury travel without making it feels elitist.

Uber VIP, then, is the most effective solution around for those who want to enjoy a classier form of travel for years to come. Uber VIP is a service provided to people who want to enjoy a better service, and it becomes available when you take a certain threshold of trips in a location. For example, 100 trips will seem to be the magic number for lots of Uber users.

At the moment, the VIP program is only accessible in certain cities, Atlanta GA, Denver Co, Nashville TN, New York City, and Washington D.C – but this is changing all the time, and changing quickly. If you are worried you are not eligible for the service, then it’s likely to arrive in your location in a matter of months. Basically, once you get accepted by the program, you can then request that Uber instead sends a VIP taxi.

What Does Uber VIP Provide?

When you use Uber VIP over a normal Uber service, you get a better quality of ride. It connects you with drivers who come with, at the least, a 4.8-star rating and cars of the higher than average quality. Since Uber drivers provide their own vehicle, there is no standard – it just means a classy vehicle.

However, it means that you might have to wait a little longer for that VIP service so be sure to check waiting times before just assuming one can come and get you. The service is still growing so there’s not many of these people on the road – at least yet. That being said, the Uber VIP service is usually quite quick in smaller towns as not everyone in the area has engaged with the VIP service meaning you are likely to have some vital exclusivity for now.

Now, this might make Uber VIP sound worthless – it’s really not. You get a much fairer quality of drive, and you also get to enjoy a greater guarantee of success and enjoyment in the trip. VIP status, though, should mean priority over all others – so why are you still waiting around?

And if the cars are “high quality” does that mean that normal vehicles aren’t? The wording on VIP mode could be better, that’s for sure. However, you do get some other nice extras that come from being a VIP, including;

  • Exclusive access to anticipated promotions associated with Uber. This means getting access to monthly giveaways that change month to month, city to city.
  • These promotions can also help you save at restaurants, on nights out when engaged in various activities across the board.
  • You’ll also get access to the Uber newsletter which gives you access to event details near you and discounts.

Does Uber VIP Cost?

No, it does not cost you a penny extra to use. It’s an extra, add-on service that is included for free for those who meet the threshold. This makes it much easier for you to get to grips with the Uber VIP system but it will also likely make it easier for you to make the most of the various bonuses in the future.

What about Uber VIP Drivers?

Uber VIP drivers should be aware that whilst you will get a higher volume of work, expectations will skyrocket. As a VIP driver you will be expected to deliver the best of the best, every single fare. This means a spotless care, amazing driving that is safe but on time every time, and you’ll need the most professional mannerisms that you can possibly put on.

It’s a big change from normal to VIP – and it can hurt your ratings. People will expect you to be like a chauffeur and this means you need to change tact slightly. Most Uber drivers like being able to be themselves and to enjoy their trips with clients, to be a bit more informal.

Uber VIP demands that you go back to being Mr. Formal. It’s something that can be a fair bit off-putting when you don’t expect it. However, drivers who can get used to this style will be able to get higher ratings, really effective VIP clients who are well worth the extra effort, and continuous work from repeat VIP users.

This is so important in that it’s bound to make sure your Uber business continues to get calls and business. It also ensures that you are closer than ever to making yourself a continuous profit each day. VIP status means more work and higher expectation, but also potentially lucrative work all the time.

Making the choice between staying a normal user or a VIP driver – and the same choice for drivers – can take time to comprehend. However, the choice is yours to pick from and, as a VIP driver or client, you can experience Uber in a whole new style.