what is uber taxi

What is Uber Taxi

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What is Uber Taxi – Hail a Taxi through the Uber App.

Before I delve into the topic of what is uber taxi, let me quickly run through of what Uber actually is. Uber is surely not a taxi cab, but a private car service, that there are no special markings on the Uber vehicles. Uber drivers are not registered or follow local taxi regulations.  It is rather an ordinary person with her/her every day car who has partnered with the Uber Company to provide rides for a fee that is usually cheaper than a regular taxi.  So what is Uber Taxi?

Uber taxi is practically an option offered by the Uber Company, and it’s basically allowed you to get a taxi using the Uber app. Uber Taxi uses traditional licensed yellow cabs. You can actually ping and paid for a metered taxi cab ride through the Uber app.  Uber has partnered with actual taxi cab companies to provide the service.

Let me put it this way, an Uber Taxi is a real taxi cab that is actually owned by a taxi company, with a driver that is also running the Uber Taxi apps on their smart phone to get fares from Uber.

How UberTaxi Works:

  • You can hail for a traditional taxi cab through the Uber app instead of doing so on the street.
  • Pay a booking fee, usually between $1 and $2.
  • Your Uber taxi fares are calculated by the metered taxicab rate system.
  • You pay gratuity, usually between 20% -30% (only available on UberTaxi, but NOT other Uber service or options).
  • All payments for UberTaxi are handled through the Uber app instead of the normal cash transactions.

What is Uber taxi difference?

The only real difference between any of Uber service available and an actual taxi cab other than mentioned above is that UberX are not allowed to pick up passengers at most airports, and can’t be hailed on the street, but with UberTaxi you do. In every other difference these ride services are somehow identical; I mean they both get you from point A to point B.  And with both transportation services, a car is sent off to pick up a rider at an address. With UberX and other Uber options, you request a ride through a smart phone app and with an UberTaxi you can also request a ride through the Uber app instead the traditional way of calling the company on the phone to request a pick up.

This is simply another way that Uber has tried to make inroads on the taxi industry. My perspective on the subject matter is that Uber Taxi less successful than Uber’s other services available. That’s probably why this option only available in only a few select cities.

See your taxi cab location

It never happened before that a passenger has the ability to track the taxi cab route to a pickup location.  For many, this brings peace of mind that the taxi is actually en route instead of being lied to when calling a taxi cab company.  With this Uber taxi option, an arrival notification will be sent to your cell phone and that, my friend, will save you time from waiting outside on a hot summer day.

No cash needed

“The fare is automatically charged to the credit card you used when registered with Uber. The fare for Uber Taxi is calculated using standard taxi meter rates, a booking fee, and a gratuity for your driver.”

Uber Taxi is available in the following locations:

  • New York City
  • Honolulu
  • Boston
  • Washington, D.C.
  • San Francisco