Difference Between UberX, UberXL, UberSelect, and UberBlack Cars

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What’s The Big Deal with UberX, UberXL, UberSelect, UberPOOL and UberBLACK?

When it comes to getting involved with Uber, many people can be quite confused mainly because of so many options such as UberX, UberXL, and UberSelect.  Given the rapid growth of Uber as a rideshare service it might shock you to find out that it has more than one type now, and it can cause several problems for people who want to get involved with Uber as a driver. It means that you need to find out what the difference between each version is – and that can take a bit of time.

For those who are still unaware or not yet heard of the most popular ridesharing service Uber which has propagated around 70 countries across the globe. Let me tell you that Uber is essentially an e-hailing ride share service that connects the driver and passenger through a smart phone app that uses GPS.
Uber has many car options available, depends on where you live.  I will talk about the five most popular Uber car service available. SEe below

    • UberX:

      This type of Uber service is economically friendly; it’s a regular car that can seat for up to 4 passengers. UberX is a really popular form of Uber as it is the least expensive by far. It expects that the driver can seat up to four passengers and typically you’ll find that an UberX car should be a Honda Accord or Toyota Prius although most forms of sedan are going to be a popular pick for you to drive around with.

      Note: This version UberX is also known as UberPop in European circuits by the way.

    • UberXL:

      This car option costs more than UberX, but it can sit up to six passengers. UberXL is very popular as it allows for bigger cars, more fares and more people. It can be up to six passengers in the vehicle at any time and will typically be an SUV or minivan type vehicle. Each fare costs more with UberXL than just normal UberX so prepare for a little premium!

      A very good service and one that is good for those with larger vehicles and plenty of time.

    • UberBlack:

      This is much more expensive than the UberXL. If you chose the Black Car as your option, a brand new black car will be sent to  pick you up. UberBLACK is very popular as well due to the fact that it’s a luxury service. It’s commercially registered and insured livery vehicles such as a luxury sedan tends to be used. This is the most common option for those who want the high end service and who wish to enjoy a bit more high-end drives. This is where the most amount of money can be earned if you are an Uber driver as it is seen by many as the A+ version of the service.

    • UberSelect:

      This Uber car option can seat up to 4 riders, but it’s a high end sedan; such as Mercedes and BMW with leather seats. UberSelect is a popular system to go with as it allows for a luxury sedan system that houses up to 4 passengers. It should be something like an Audi or a BMW as it’s for the classier range, those who want leather seats and all the extra gimmicks that make a drive feel special. Only go for UberSelect if you have the quality of vehicle waiting to be used as you will not be accepted with a mediocre vehicle.

    • UberPOOL

      UberPOOL gets a lot of positive responses at the moment as a crowd-funded system. You’ll get to share your ride with others, usually strangers, and then you all split the cost together. It’s very easy to use and be a part of and is common in bigger cities, and is growing all the time. You can earn much more doing this but obviously have longer journeys.

Uber drivers have to maintain their own vehicles. You are not in for a shock when you enter an uber driver’s car because there are certain rules regarding car cleanliness that are to be followed.

An Uber rider doesn’t need to interact much with the driver as they get connected. The driver will automatically know the rider’s location entered. Get in the car, reach required destination and get out of the car. The Uber service deducts their fares from riders account and pays 80% to the driver while keeping 20% for themselves.

Uber service is quite flexible for the pax. It provides different quality standards according to the payment that the rider is willing to pay. UberX, XL, Uber Select and Black Car are basically different services and standards offered by Uber. These cool names actually differ in many ways, the number of seats and the car experience you opt for.

More about UberX:

UberX is the cheapest service. If you happen to be a regular user of Uber, this is probably the only sane option. It is quite affordable and you can expect the usual four-seat cars like Honda Accord or Toyota Prius. The drivers of this category use their own everyday cars. However, the cars are well maintained and cannot be more than ten years old. I wrote about best cars to drive for Uber, you can read it here. 

More about UberXL:

If you want to accommodate more passengers into a vehicle, you might want to go for a much better service. UberXL is essentially same as UberX but with more room that can can accommodate more people and provide the relevant comfortless. Instead of just 4vseats, it offers six. The fare price is consequently higher than UberX. If you ordered UberXL service you should expect a minivan or an SUV.

More about UberSelect:

Now, if you want to go to a black tie event with your rich friends and family and make a smashing appearance and impression, you might want to pick the UberSelect option, also known as UberPlus. It is certainly a huge plus from UberXL and UberX. This ride is about class, leather interiors, and shiny exterior. If you ordered an UberSelect ride you can take three of your friends in a smooth BMW or Mercedez. Certainly compared to the previous two options, the rent is obviously more. However, the ride is worth the price.

More about Uber Black:

If you move in higher social class or you are an executive and want to maintain a standard, then you might want to go for Uber Black Car. This is a high-end service with a similarly high price. It is a professional service with elite touch. You will get a chauffeur driven experience. Uber black vehicles speak of their class. You can expect a well-maintained Escalade or Chevrolet.

Other Uber Services

Uber Taxi:

You can use the Uber app to hail and pay for a licensed taxi cab without having to going through standing on the street to do so. This service is only available in a few US cities such as New York City, Boston, Honolulu, Washington D.C and San Francisco


It is a high-end luxury car that can seat up to 4 passengers. This Uber service is not cheap, let me put it this way, it’s  the most expensive car service among them all. It’s only available in Los Angeles as of now, no wonder! lol, just kidding!

To apply to join the Uber family, you simply need to apply here.  Uber is now offering up to $,1000 sign on bonus to new drivers.