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UberPool Trips May Be The Best Option For Drivers!

For many people, the world of Uber has always been quite an exciting and new adventure to head on down. This is fun, it’s exciting and it makes plenty of sense from the perspective of helping people save money on their journeys as well as to help out drivers. More importantly, though, it gives you easy access to transport that you may have otherwise lacked.

That being the case, though, lots of people can thoroughly enjoy using the Uberpool method instead. Uberpool is something that is causing a lot of confusion, though; as many people don’t know that it’s closely connected to Uber itself. If you aren’t sure what the benefits of using Uberpool is and would want to learn more about it, this article should help break it down for you.

What is Uberpool?

Uberpool is a simple and effective system that offers inexpensive and easy transport for a group of people. The catch here is that with Uberpool you will be getting a pooled lift with a group of strangers, like a carpool for work except it’s totally random who you are with and who the driver is.

The idea came about for those who wanted to make a particularly long journey on a regular basis and wanted to find a way of reducing the cost. With Uberpool, you can do that in a matter of moments by requesting a ride along a similar route as others and sharing it, splitting the cost.

You still get all of the usual qualities of an Uber service – friendly, professional and charming – whilst getting to take it with someone else to cut the costs. As soon as a match is found for your potential journey, you’ll be alerted to it immediately.

How does Uberpool Work?

Basically all you do is the same as hiring a normal Uber driver – you simply hit a button and you get the same on-demand quality as a normal Uber ride. The difference is that you need to wait until it arranges a match and everyone agrees to it; when this happens your driver will come and pick you all up. The pooling idea is a good one as it means you can make a long journey far less expensive as you get people on the way and all share the price.

In essence, you make the same journey with strangers and the end result is a much cheaper drive than it would have been in the past using a normal taxi. This helps you reduce your expenditure on taxis and also ensures that you can spend more time getting to the destination, not paying for it.


Determining Passenger Costs

The one thing that you want to know, obviously, is how much you will be paying for a ride. Uberpool is a fine idea and whilst a normal Uber drive saves you around 40% on a normal taxi service, you can reduce it by another 50% with Uberpool!

For those who tend to spend all of their time on public transport, you’ll be making the same savings by going with Uberpool than you would be by ditching public transport and getting your own car. The price difference can be that big.

Let’s say that your typical journey costs you around $18 for your journey on your own. You need to pay that $18 yourself which is obviously a good saving from a normal taxi but still a lot, especially if it’s a daily trip. With Uberx, you would pay the $18 all by yourself. However with Uberpool that would be split between you and a co-rider – does that not sound like the perfect way to cut your costs when moving around?

You now only pay $9 as opposed to $18 so you’ve just made a pretty epic saving. This is the perfect way for a passenger to save some money on a regular – daily – journey.

Determining Fare Prices

However, many people are worried that by doing this then only one party benefits – the passengers. Are the drivers not being hurt by losing out on the extra money that they would have made by doing it all individually? Actually, in many cases, the driver is not going to miss out. Why?

This is due to the fact that with Uber, you tend to have a pretty easy way to get a good fare. The drivers earn the same mileage rate and the same rate per minute and base fare as they would with a normal ride. The major benefit, though, is that Uberpool is now a longer ride as more people are getting picked up.

It’s not only giving the drivers the chance to earn the same amount, but also to be far more precise with their time. This means that drivers are more efficient and passengers are left with more money in their pocket.

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Uberpool Pricing Structures

If for some reason there’s no one going the same way as you are, that your uberPOOL trip is not matched, the trip will exactly be the same as a normal uberX trip, but still less expensive. If your trip is matched, then there is an extra pickup. So, both pickup fares will be divided by two different persons and the driver receives the sum of the two individual fares, less Uber’s commission.

The Uberpool pricing structure can be quite hard to work out, and whether or not it’s cost-effective for you. For drivers, the pricing structure tends to work as;

  • Base fare= $2.50 (varied by city)
  • Safe fee = $1.35 x 2 pickups (varied by city)
  • Mileage fee = $1.30/mile(varied by city)
  • Time fee = $0.26/min (varied by city)

As you can see, it’s quite easy to make up the money with an Uberpool ride instead of it being a big rip-off. Whilst many reading this won’t care if they are leaving the driver with less money in their pocket, those with a moralistic conscience can now know they are getting a quality service without leaving anyone out of pocket.

Is it Cost-Effective?

Yes, certainly! Uberpool is very cost-effective and it can give people plenty of money in their back pockets. There’s less time wasted in the mornings and less money spent for the person taking the pickup, and the drivers spend less time and resources going back and forth all the time.

This will make a pretty telling difference, making it much easier for you to just get to where you want. For those who make an expensive round of taxi trips every week, consider giving Uberpool a try!

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