Uber vs Lyft

Uber vs Lyft

Difference Between Uber and  Lyft

Uber vs Lyft! No doubt, the ridesharing service is changing the world of transportation industry at quantum speeds.  The two fastest growing rideshare companies are Uber and Lyft and they are dramatically changing the transportation business.

Interestingly, there are many similarities between Uber and Lyft, but at the same time there are also some key differences among the two.  Rest assured that these differences can greatly affect riders experience between the top two rideshare companies.

Uber vs Lyft – The Similarities

On the similarity side, both Lyft and Uber fare prices are about the same, which make sense because they are trying to attract more riders, and they are competing after all. The drivers and riders apps are easily downloaded to your smart phone and they are user friendly. The cashless system is part of their culture, and so payments are taken from the credit card saved on file. The rides from both rideshare companies are usually minutes away.

Uber and Lyft drivers have nice cars to provide the rideshare service; riders usually get picked up in a 4 door sedan. Passengers can choose whether or not to sit up front or in the back seat. Honestly, Uber and Lyft drivers can care less about chatting to riders, though conversation tend to make driving time go at a fast pace.

Uber Vs Lyft – The differences

On the differences side there are a few things that affect the rider a bit, but the driver more so. Continue to read to find out what these differences are. 

Uber vs Lyft driver pay

Let me say right off the bat that the pay for Lyft is better than Uber. Although the fare prices for both Uber and Lyft are about the same, but Lyft pay their drivers a higher percentage. Uber take a higher cut from their drivers; as a result their drivers end up with less money.  Uber has consistently driven the price of rides down.  Most would agree that Lyft drivers are more polite and caring, it’s probably because they get to make a little bit more when driving for Lyft.  Also, Lyft allow, even encourage riders to tip drivers, but I can’t say the same for Uber.

Uber frown on tipping, even telling their riders that tips are not required and went as far to tell drivers to turn down tips unless insisted. Ha! I’m sure Uber drivers will not accept tips, yeah right!

As a current driver for both rideshare companies, Uber vs Lyft, I can tell you that these small differences make enormous impact on the rider’s journey and experience.

Although experienced drivers tend to gravitate toward Lyft, but Lyft customer base is not as gigantic as Uber, at least in some cities. Lyft drivers will get the passenger to their destination faster and smoother. They know the routes and shortcuts around the city better, simply because they are experienced drivers.

Types of Services

Uber has more options available to the public

  • (Uber LUX) – Luxury cars such as BMWs and Mercedes.
  • Uber SUV – Premium SUV service with more upscale vehicles
  • Uber Black – High end town cars and professional cars
  • UberX – Low cost ride
  • UberXL – Up to 6 riders can be accommodated, obviously it’s a larger vehicle with more space.
  • Uber Taxi – Just similar to traditional taxi cabs, but can request it through the app instead of hailing for one in the street.
  • Uberpool – Share the vehicle with other riders heading the same direction.

Lyft don’t have many options as of yet available to the public.

  • Lyft Plus – Six riders can accommodate when more space is needed
  • Lyft – The original ride that started it all
  • Lyft line – share the ride with other passengers going the same way

Uber Vs Lyft tipping culture

As a current Uber and Lyft driver, I can tell you that there is definitely more caring and politeness on the part of the Lyft drivers. Simply, because Lyft drivers are making better incomes in cities where both rideshare companies are popular.  Lyft drivers are making much more money from tips, needless to say Uber drivers barely making any tips at all.

With that being said, Lyft drivers have vested interests in being more polite they know they are going to get tips when they are courteous.  Whereas Uber drivers aren’t going to get tips anyway, so why bother to open the door, offer aux cords, cell phone chargers, or offer the free bottle of water?

Lyft has a tipping feature in the riders’ apps so they can tip drivers should they choose to. Not only Uber don’t have a tipping feature in their riders’ apps, they discourage it by saying that tips are not required.

A friend of mine who drives for both Uber and Lyft, told me how he would put away the free stuff such as bottles of water, gums, and  snacks, whenever he gets a ride request from Uber.  And when he gets a ride request from Lyft, he would put them back out again.

The interesting thing about this tipping matter is that Uber let the public with the intention that tips are already included in their fares by saying that “tips are not required”.  Tips are not included when you take Uber, not even remotely.

And this brings us to an interesting point.

Lyft vs Uber Passengers Attitude

Did you know that Lyft riders are more polite than Uber riders?  I think the reason for this, Uber tell the driver to wait and wait for the riders, and they know this; as a result Uber riders tend to take their time. What I’m trying to say is that Uber cause their drivers losing money by losing time waiting, and so Uber drivers get frustrated especially during surge times which will reflect in the ‘caring’ attitude of the riders.

Lyft puts in a mild ethic by starting the meter within two minutes of arrival, so Lyft drivers don’t mind waiting a little bit for passengers, after they’re getting paid anyway.

Community and friendliness is part of Lyft’s culture and so drivers and riders interact more. In fact Lyft’s motto is “your friend with a car” so that already tell you a lot about Lyft’s brand and environment. Uber’s brand has a more professional tone and so their drivers interact less with passengers. After all, Uber’s motto is “everyone’s private driver”.

Uber Vs Lyft – The end

In conclusion, which ridesharing company is more appealing to you as a rider and as a driver?  Whichever you choose is ultimately up to you.  And, if you find that neither Uber nor Lyft suits your needs, there are other competitors out there. They won’t however, be as fast and reliable as both Lyft and Uber, at least not in the foreseeable future.

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