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Uber Split Fare

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What is Uber Split Fare?

Uber split fare is one of Uber most popular features. Many find it useful especially when going out with their friends and they feel awkward to ask friends for cash to split a fare. So, what is an Uber fare split, and most importantly in how many ways can you split an Uber fare?

Uber split fare is basically a way to share your ride expenses or split the cost of a ride with a friend or someone you’re ubering with. If you want to split the fare of an Uber trip with someone, in many cases your friends, family members or even your coworkers, it’s not that hard to do; actually it’s very easy. The Uber App has a built-in function that allows fare-splitting to occur among various riders.

Uber riders are usually charged a fare split fee, and it is a 25 cents fee to each participating rider just to use the split features.  Uber will then divide equally the overall fares between riders.

How to Split an Uber Fare

Once you’ve pinged for a ride, and you’re assigned a driver, simply follow the steps below to find out how to Uber split a fare with your friends.

  • You request for your Uber ride.
  • Look at the bottom of your screen and you’ll see “split fare” Select it.
  • You’ll be given the option to enter the names or phone numbers of riders that you want to split the fare.

Everybody that you invited to uber split fare the ride will be sent a notification via a text message. They will have the option to accept or decline, should they agree to split the cost of the trip with you, they must do so before the end of the trip.

If one of the people that you’re sharing your uber with decide to decline or they don’t accept before the end of the trip, you will be charged for the entire trip, or the trip fare will be shared to whoever agreed.

Can I use my promo code on an Uber split fare?

If you apply your active promo code toward your trip, it will only apply to your share of the fare. Having said that, you won’t be able to use the promo code to the entire trip cost, but toward only what you owe.  You can’t use the uber split fare feature on all Uber options; as for instance UberPool.

What if my friend vomits or makes a mess – Do I split all the fees?

Well if you split a fare with your friends, family, or colleagues or whoever it is for that matter. If they end up trashing or puking in the car, rest assured there’ll be an uber cleaning fee and it will be split with all participating riders. Uber simply won’t have the ability to know specifically who’s responsible for the mess. With that being said, Uber will split the uber fare to all party agreed to split the fare.

What if the party you’re sharing your uber ride don’t have the Uber App on their phones?

To split an uber fare with a party, they must have been uber riders that the Uber rider app downloaded/installed on their smart phones.

They will be prompted to download the Uber App for them to be able to accept an “uber split fare” request. Word of advice to always make sure that the parties you want to split the fare with are willing to split the cost of the trip in the first place, and they’ve already at least installed the Uber rider app before you share your ride with them.

Can I use Uber split fare feature after a ride is over?

As I stated above, if you want to split a fare, you have to do so before the end of the trip. So to answer to the question, the answer is simply No.

How many ways can you split an uber?

Once you’ve requested for an uber ride, you can invite to all participating riders to split the fare.