Uber self driving cars

Uber Self Driving Cars

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With Uber Self Driving Cars hitting the streets – What does that mean for Uber Drivers?

Many drivers might not like to hear about the world of self-driving vehicles, it can no longer be ignored. Taxi firms are beginning to panic, though, as a major part of their income and livelihood could be close to getting wiped out immediately. However, one of the major problems now is that there are many people talking about the creation of the Toyota Uber self driving cars.

It seems now that even Uber drivers might be at risk of watching their long-term business hopes fall down – so what does Uber self driving cars mean for everyone else?

These are already on the road in places like Pittsburgh and many Uber drivers are unhappy with their involvement – but what does it mean for the rest?

A Better User Experience?

This is being sold as a positive – but only for the customer. Now, they don’t have to interact with a driver, they get access to everything from Netflix to Spotify and they can just relax as the car takes them to where they want to be. It’s also so much cheaper to use this as there is no drivers wage to pay – problem solved, right?

You can see why Uber self driving cars are so popular based on that alone. From a consumer point of view, unless you are exceptionally chatty, why would you ever take the choice of having to sit with a normal person, pay them more money and have less option for entertainment along the way as you reach your destination?

Stronger Definition

Eventually the aim is to have specific user profiles for each user so that the Uber self driving cars can provide something far more specific to each person. Now, instead of needing to tell the driver what you want to do and other such features, a passenger will have this information stored and ready to be assessed as soon as they need it.

Also, the cars can now take themselves for maintenance and other such useful features. They might even be used to deliver food and products to people – it’s more or less going to become like a worker who never stops.

As an Uber driver, though, this more than likely makes you fear for your future. But don’t worry about that – the future of drivers being made obsolete is not likely to ever truly occur. Instead, it’s likely that Uber will offer both services and just keep diversifying what services they do offer.

If you fear for your job at the moment because of the Uber self driving cars, it might comfort you to know that this is not going to be happening anytime soon. The integration into the system will be used to complement an already strong – and growing – roster of drivers. Therefore, as an Uber driver you shouldn’t be worrying about these things pushing you off the road. The concept of Uber self driving cars is great, but there’s simply too much legislation to be dealt with to make them the only.