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Uber Scheduled Rides

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Rejoice, Uber scheduled rides is now a thing!

For some time now, Uber has been criticized for not having the ability to schedule and book rides. It’s annoying having to play with the hope of availability when we want to go somewhere. The ability to book a cab in advance is so useful and saves us running around at the least minute desperately trying to get access to transport. If this sounds like the kind of problem that are you used to dealing with, then you can easily make up for that by using Uber scheduled rides.

What are scheduled rides?

Basically, rather than have to book up when you want to go, you can make a booking in advance. Sometimes we want to have access to a scheduled pickup so that we know we are out of the door at X o’clock. Other times we book up in advance to make sure we are ready to go for that certain time, with no exceptions.

Whatever your own personal reasons are for using this service, whether it’s for pre book Uber airport rides, it’s useful for helping you stay on the clock accordingly. Many people decide to go with scheduled cabs to ensure that they are never late. For example, trying to make a 4AM taxi call when you are heading to the airport is tough when trying to get ready to leave in the first place!

Uber scheduled rides makes this easier to deal with, thankfully. Now you can avoid the typical trouble that you are likely to face as you try and get out of the door in an orderly manner, without rushing. With scheduled rides, then, you have access to a much less chaotic state of travel. You can make bookings an incredible 30 days before they are needed, so getting ready in advance is no longer such an issue.

This is all well and good, but how does Uber scheduled rides actually operate, then?

How to Use Uber Scheduled Rides

To use this feature, you simply need to;

  • Open your UberX app, and head to the ‘Schedule a Ride’ request. This can usually be found on the home screen of the app.
  • Once you decide this then you simply need to hit ‘Schedule a Ride’ to start your request. You can go as far ahead as 30 days from the time of scheduling, too which is excellent!
  • Now, you merely have to place into the software your pickup date, time, location and destination. This also allows you to get access to a fare estimate, making it much easier to stay on track.
  • Set up your trip by confirming all of the needed details, and tap the ‘Schedule UberX’ button. Once you do this, the booking has been confirmed and the clock is ticking.
  • Plans changed, got a cancellation or want to get rid of the schedule itself? Then you can edit or cancel the schedule at any given time. Just head into the app again and look for the schedule, and remove it.
  • Now, once the day comes and you are ready to go, your Uber fare will turn up outside. This will notify you when the ride is on the way, and also if any surge pricing applies.

uber scheduled rides

Uber scheduled rides cities

You can now use the “scheduled ride feature” to request your Uber pick up in advance in the following cities:

  • Atlanta GA
  • Birmingham AL
  • Chicago IL
  • Richmond VA
  • Seattle WA
  • Washington DC
  • Philadelphia PA

Uber started to gradually expand the “scheduled ride feature” in every cities in the United States. It was originally introduced in Seattle Washington on June 9th of this year. Uber is now working on expanding the feature in every city across the country. You’ll most likely receive a text from Uber when the scheduled ride option is made available in your city, so check your Uber App for more information and updates.

Peace of Mind

The best part about using Uber scheduled rides though is the peace of mind it offers. If you need to be somewhere by a certain time, then you cannot afford to wait for a taxi. It could be late, there could be problems, delays or cancellations. Anything can happen when trying to manage transport in real-time.

With a schedule, though, you totally remove the risk of being let down. If things aren’t going to the plan set out at the beginning, then it’s OK; a replacement will turn up instead. Uber scheduled rides more or less guarantees that you will be on the right track with regards to your transport ideas and needs.

Whether it’s getting you to that important conference call well on time or making sure you beat the morning rush to catch your flight, Uber scheduled rides makes sure that you can remove the challenge of staying on track.

Time is a hard thing to get right, especially when you’re waiting for transport to come and pick you up. Instead, you can use the wonderful power of Uber scheduled rides to give yourself that guarantee and peace of mind.

The Key Benefits

When using Uber scheduled rides, then, what can you see as the main benefits;

For one, you no longer have the fear of being late. You can be more confident and in control of getting ready and preparation when you know that you will 100% be there on time. Now, you can’t be stopped by poor planning.

The convenience of being able to just hop into the back of a ride is wonderful, too. An Uber car will arrive more or less on the second. You don’t need to worry about making sure you have booked travel and that you are ready in time for it arriving. Stop treating transport as an afterthought as, with the help of Uber scheduled rides, it becomes an easy necessity to plan.

Scheduling has never been easier, too. You can make your schedule in just a few taps on the screen – all you do is set the date, time, starting point and location and you are good to go. It’s faster to book with Uber scheduled rides than it is to book with just about any tax firm on the roads!

This is the best way to travel when using the Uber system at present. It’s quick, thoughtful and cost-effective which probably makes it the ideal choice for anyone who wishes to move quicker and more effectively without having to act.

In the rapid pace of the modern world, having access to a scheduled ride can be so incredibly useful. It will help you very easily reach where you intended and make sure you can do so without always having to remember to book your transport!