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Uber Ratings – How It Works!

Let’s Take A Closer Look at The Uber Ratings

Uber ratings play pivotal roles on the Uber platform when it comes to quality and safety measures.  To better understand your uber driver ratings I will go over some key points on how the uber rating system itself works and on how you can improve your rating status.

As a current Uber driver, let me tell you that the Uber experience should be reliable, comfortable, safe, and pleasant for everyone involved, drivers included. That’s why Uber drivers are asked to rate their riders at the end of every trip.  In return, riders have the chance to leave a feedback or rate their drivers on 1-5 star rating system.

Getting Uber Ratings From Riders

At the end of every trip, uber passengers have the chance to rate their experience by providing 1 to 5 stars to their drivers, 5 star being the best and 1 star being the worst. Although an Uber driver requires to leave a rider rating immediately after every trip, riders are not required to leave one back right away.  In other words, Uber passenger rating is optional, but not for drivers.

When riders do leave uber ratings to their drivers, they are evaluating how they felt about the overall Uber experience.  They can include everything from how well you find your way around to the cleanliness of your vehicle and their communication with you.  A 5-star rating is the best uber rating a driver can get.  It means that the driver provides an exceptional experience for the uber passenger.

Uber Drivers: Most Frequent Passengers’ Complaints That Affect Your Uber Ratings

  • You don’t know your way around the city -You end up costing the rider money by taking longer routes.
  • Giving attitude/disrespecting your passengers
  • Reckless driving – At the end of the day, riders want to feel safe, so careful driving is a must.
  • Your vehicle condition is deteriorating – if your car smells, dirty, or in bad shape, riders will complaint to Uber.
  • Texting/talking while driving.

How your Uber rating is calculated as a driver

The overall uber rating of a driver is an average of all individual rating received from riders.  In other words, your rating is calculated by adding up all of your individual trip ratings, example: 5, 4, 5, 5 (=19) star ratings and dividing by the number of ratings you’ve received, e.g 4 rated trips. (19÷4 = 4.75 star ratings)
Total of all your ratings ÷total number of your ratings = your average rating.

How Does Surge Price Affect Driver Uber Ratings?

Most of the time riders will take it out on drivers for paying for high surge prices by giving them a low star rating. According to Uber, drivers need to worry no more about bad ratings from high unusual surge price.  Uber claimed that they don’t factor in ratings from highly surged trips when considering your driver rating.  Isn’t that some good news? Finally they started to get it, I wonder how many drivers lost their jobs with Uber because of low ratings. I want Uber to change their whole rating system, it’s unfair to drivers.

Ratings change often at first for new drivers

All new Uber drivers start with a perfect Uber rating of 5. If you just started driving with Uber, your rating may rise and fall often until you complete a good number of rated trips. That’s because there are fewer rated trips available to average together in the first place. As a driver gets more and more rated trips, his/her rating will begin to change more slowly over time.

What is included in your Uber driver rating

The Uber driver rating includes trips where the rider actually left a star rating. Remember, riders have the option to not provide a rating after their trip ends or at a later time, or not at all. Most passengers will leave a rating after every trip.  If a passenger does not leave a rating, it does not count in the driver’s overall rating.

Uber passengers have several days to provide a rating to drivers, which is why a driver may see his/her rating change on a day when he/she did not complete any trips. Also, I want to point out that only the last 500 rated trips are counted toward a driver uber rating.

With that being said, if you complete more than 500 rated trips, only the last 500 star ratings will count.  For example, if you get 545 rated trips, the first 45 rated trips won’t count toward your uber rating, only the last 500 rated trips.   So if you had a bad start that could ultimately help you or vise versa.

Canceled trip and requests that you do not accept are not included in your uber rating.

Why is your Uber rating is important

Your average uber rating is one crucial way that Uber measures your partnership. Sometimes, uber drivers will be deactivated due to consistently low ratings.  This ensures that passengers riding with Uber continue to receive a high quality and safe experience.

When riders have great experience with Uber.  They are more likely to ride more often and also they will more likely refer their friends and family to ride as well. This leads more business, meaning more trips and earning opportunities for all Uber drivers.

There is no Uber experience without the high quality service from Uber drivers. The ability for an uber driver to get passengers from point A to point B quickly, safely, and conveniently is a huge reason people chose Uber in over 300 cities worldwide.

Passengers will certainly make that known in their ratings. Drivers can always check out their uber rating in the Uber Partner app.  They can get more details about their current uber rating and riders’ feedback about their trips with you.

10 “Dos” to get your Uber ratings up:

  1. Offer to help with their luggage – Offer Aux cord so riders can play their own music – Ask if they have a favorite radio station they want to listen.
  2. Be courteous and respectful to your passengers even when it’s not reciprocal.
  3. Safe driving – So don’t run any stop signs or red lights and most  importantly don’t speed even if you asked by the pax – Remember safety first and abide by all traffic rules.
  4. Keep your vehicle fresh and clean at all times.
  5. Dress professionally – I’m not asking you to wear suits, but please NO sandals, shorts, and slacks.
  6. Take the fastest route to the rider’s destination (Most of the time your GPS make that choice for you).
  7. Keep your vehicle well maintained – You don’t want to be driving pax around while your car is making queasy noise etc…
  8. Ask your passengers if they have a preferred route to their destination. If he/she says no, refer to number 6.
  9. Have cell phone chargers available to your Uber riders – Androids and iPhones are two most popular cell phones.
  10. Most importantly, show you care and acknowledge your passenger. E.g. Hello Mr. John/Everyone.  How are you today?  A.C is fine for you? Would you like me to change the music?

10 “Don’ts” For Uber Drivers:

  1. Don’t ask your pax for 5 star uber ratings. Yep you heard it, it’s not a good strategy, I tried it, let’s just say that it didn’t end well.
  2. Don’t solicit for tips. Uber has almost everyone thinking that tips are included in the fares and that is clearly not the case.
  3. Reckless Driving/Road rage – Abide by all traffic laws
  4. Don’t get high behind the wheel. Passengers notice if you’ve been smoking weed or tipsy.
  5. Pay attention – So no texting while driving! (Beside you get ticketed in some states if you get caught doing that).  And no talking on the phone when you have riders in your vehicle.
  6. Don’t attempt to hold your cell phone trying to look at your GPS. So get a phone holder.
  7. Don’t start the trip without your rider’s permission. If you find yourself waiting too long for a pax after noticing of your arrival, cancel the ride.  If you’re waiting too long, you’ll probably be mad, and riders will notice that and thinking you’re not friendly or giving them attitude. So, you see how your Uber ratings will take a hit.
  8. If you make a mistake, like missing a turn or something that could make the fare price cost higher, apologize.  Most riders won’t really care only if you don’t take them for stupid and acknowledge the mistake.
  9. Don’t drive with your dashboard warning lights on! – Hide them with a business card or something, or simply get them fixed.
  10. Don’t drive with your windows down; especially during summer, it’s freaking hot out there, at least here in Florida.  Turn on your AC!  When your windows downs, they’re noisy and can be disturbing to your Uber riders.

If you are looking to share your experience, you’re welcome to comment below.

  • Pinot5

    My rating is 4.88 , and I pick up riders with a 3.9 rating, now does the rating works the same way for riders ?

    • UberDriver

      @Pinot, the rating system for rider works the same way pretty much, only difference riders always get rated by drivers, because as drivers we require to rate them, but riders are not required to rate their drivers.

  • Sheldan

    I know that drivers do get dropped from the uber platform if your rating is below 4.6, is it the same for riders?

    • UberDriver

      No riders don’t get dropped based on their ratings, I mean they’re giving money, why would Uber drop them? lol. But they do get dropped from Uber for racial slur, violence, any violation of Uber agreement.

      • marc sultan

        Of course, riders pay them money, so they will never drop them, uber only abuse drivers

  • JoeFr

    Uber sucks, I got dropped because I had a 4.55 rating. If you ask me 4.55 over 5-star rating is good, but no, they just had to drop me.

    • UberDriver

      Hey Joe, sorry to hear that, you can ask them to take a remediation class, and they’ll give you a second chance by placing you on probation. I think they’ll watch how you do on the last 50 trips, if your rating dropped below 5 again, you’ll get kicked out permanently.

      • marc sultan

        You are lucky man, I m leaving this abusive company, they use deivers

        • BLACK MAN

          Hello Sir,

          What city do you live in?

          I’m just curious.

          • I’m currently in Tampa FL, about you?

          • BLACK MAN

            I’m in Los Angeles.

  • Cherline

    Now that explains why my rating dropped from 4.92 to 4.89 on my day off. I didn’t know riders had more than few days to rate drivers. It’s not fair though, how would they remember the specific driver, what if they had a bad experience after, they’ll most likely take it on all drivers.

    • UberDriver

      Hey Cherline, you make some very good points here.

      • marc sultan

        You don’t feel abused yet, the riders are drunk as hell

    • marc sultan

      I had rider one day rating me bad because his girl friend was hitting on me. Screw uber

  • HenryT

    Your article is informative, never thought the uber rating work such a way. Uber really care about their driver rating, you drop below 4.6 and Uber will drop you too, out of the program lol.

    • marc sultan

      They are users, don’t you get it

    • commenter87

      I am at 4.48 and still active

  • Jeamy

    Interesting article, but you forgot to mention Drivers got kicked out of the uber system if their ratings drop below 4.6 while Uber allow riders with 3 or below star ratings to stay.

    • UberDriver

      I think you make a really good point here. I mean why punish drivers for low rating when riders are free to go on

      • marc sultan

        Abusive company, use driver and their assets to increase their business

    • marc sultan

      U don’t get it guys, uber use drivers

  • Jacques

    If I am both driver and rider, does Uber use the same rating for both? Let’s say, my rating as a driver is 4.7 and one day I decide to use uber as a passenger, what will the driver who’s picking me up see? 4.7 or 5.0 since it’s my first time using the rider app?

    • UberDriver

      From my experience the answer to your question is yes. Personally, I took an uber for the first time and I asked the driver about my rating, and the rating he told was exactly as my driver rating.

  • Maddie Mahoney

    Huh, this is a bit more complex than I thought. I’m glad that I understand that, now. Thanks!

  • joy

    I am new to driving with uber, I have driven 6 nights. My car is clean, i conversate with the riders if they seem like they wanna talk, I dress well, Im as nice as i can be, i open doors if i have the chance to get out before they are at the car, but out of 35 rated trips i have only 27 rated 5 the other i don’t know what is, but my total is 4.63 ratings, what am i doing wrong to have a lower rating?

    • Uber driver ratings tend to bounce all over the place since you’re new. Wait until about 100 rated trips and your overall rating will start to settle a bit. A few things you can do to improve: change location or driving time; if you’re driving drunks, your rating is going down. One thing that I did that improve my rating was that I explained to each passenger that any driver rating that is below 5 stars put me at risk of deactivation. Some people think 4 star is a very good rating until you tell them that Uber will drop you if you fall short of 4.6 star rating average. Make sure you have an aux cord available and offer if they want to play their own music. Wait until you’re inside the vehicle and ask “how are you guys doing today or how are you today” it worked for me. And after that, ask if AC is fine or if the music ok? It shows you care. Then remain silent until they start a conversation, don’t start one.

    • marc sultan

      The rating system sucks, riders are never satisfied. They want limo service at lower than bus fares

  • Mike

    Uber rating system is a joke
    And Uber knows that
    Best thing is to look for another job
    Customers rate drivers using name color religion and not the trip from A to B
    Customers living American Dreams

    • @Mike, Uber ratings are not fair to Uber drivers. You’re probably right that some riders will base their rating decision according to your name. I remember reading an article on how a driver change his name (Middle eastern to American) on the Uber app and his ratings started to get better.



      I know this is an old thread, but you’re right.

      Some passengers will rate lower just to feel superior.

  • past tense

    I wonder if Uber holds it against drivers if they consistently rate riders less than 5 stars

    • @ past tense, as long as you’re not doing that simply because riders don’t tip you. I don’t mind giving riders 5 stars, but sometimes I give them 4 if they’re giving attitude. Remember that can affect you in the long run; for instance if you keep rating riders 3 stars or less, Uber will never match you with that same rider, that’s less business for you if you’re doing that hundreds of times.

      • past tense

        I give everyone a five….I wouldnt hesitate to rate lower if necessary but little things dont bother me and so far only little things have come up…..btw, does uber keep track of rider ratings…I.e. if a rider never gives 5 ratings does is that taken into consideration?

        • @ past tense, I’ve picked up riders with 3 stars before, having said that, I don’t think Uber hold riders accountable based only on ratings, after all riders are bringing money to Uber. There are cases Uber can stop a rider from using the app, such as in discrimination cases, using derogatory slur, etc… They keep track of the riders’ ratings, but not necessarily do anything about it if they have low ratings.

          • past tense

            Just wondering, twice ive gone to uber meetings where noone showed up to answer my questions….mayb u can help…when a rider request a pickup the phone sounds the alarm and the circle lights up and I c the pickup address…..but I dont c the destination and I dont c a rider rating….where is that located?? Also I use google maps becuz thats all I c on my phone(new smartphone user)…..I thought uber has a map app but I dont c how to download…..the google map has made some strange mistakes…..but what is most irritating is that the pickup address disappears from the screen once I hit navigate…thanks

          • First off, you can see the riders’ destination only if they put it in the system… read this article and it shows you how http://rideordriveuber.com/how-to-find-an-uber-riders-final-destination-before-picking-them-up/

            When the request light flashes (ping request) you should see the rider’s rating right under the address) … Read the link above and that should answer most of your questions.

            You don’t have to use google map, you can try “Waze” it’s a free GPS and it’s good for both iPhone and Android phone.