Uber pro rewards

Uber Pro Rewards

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When you drive for Uber for a while, you might start to wonder how you can make even more from the experience. At the moment, a lot of people are turning to Uber Pro instead of the regular Uber. For some drivers, it could be the perfect place to start if you want to start making even more from your Uber driving career.

What is Uber Pro?

Uber Pro, then, is the new system that the Uber company is bringing to the table for drivers to try out and utilise as best they can. It’s a very exciting platform, and one that shows a huge amount of potential for drivers who fancy something a bit more unique. It’s a part of the Uber development that is going to be piloted in a few major cities across the United States. Pending success, it’ll be pushed out even further.

This new rewards program is one that looks to reward drivers as it ‘recognises your commitment and effort’ – so it sounds like a good place to start. Presently in Beta, you can read a bit more about Uber Pro through the official Uber website.

With a new status-driven platform, Uber Pro would see you bring in more rewards as you continue to progress and improve. Depending on where you are based, this could be all manner of awesome rewards and extras. Some of the benefits that users can already pick up in some places include:

  • 100% tuition coverage at places like ASU Online, so that you can forward your education or help someone at home forward their education – through financial support.
  • Free roadside assistance, dent repair and up to 25% off vehicle maintenance costs to ensure you can always keep your car in the condition that you would expect.
  • Reduce the amount that you spend with Airport Priority Rematch, everyday savings on gas bills and various other small savings related to your working hours.

Of course, there are various styles of rewards which are available depending on your location. With so many parts of the world trialling Uber Pro, you should check with Uber to see what kind of rewards is available for your particular location.

Uber Pro Levels

At the moment, four levels exist on Uber Pro: Partner, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. And they are:

All Participating Cities: active drivers are invited to join the Partner Program, it is for those who do not meet requirements yet for the other levels and so they are placed in this level.

on this level you need between at least 300 points and up to 600 points. Cities like Chicago IL, and Seattle Washington you need at least 600 Points or more to be remained in this level. Other cities such as Denver Phoenix, New Orleans, and New Jersey, Orlando, Tampa, and New Jersey State, 300 Points or more will do just fine.

Seattle, Chicago: 1,200 Points or more (in the applicable Program Period) New Orleans, Phoenix, Denver, entire state of New Jersey, Orlando, Tampa: 600 Points or more (in the applicable Program Period)

Seattle, Chicago: 1,800 Points or more will get you in this highest level, but for Denver, New Orleans, Phoenix, Tampa, Orlando, and the state of New Jersey: 1,200 Points or more (in the applicable Program Period)

At the moment, four levels exist on Uber Pro: Partner, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. They are essential for helping you to know where you stand with the company, and each level comes with its own rewards and benefits that you can make the most of as you build-up your reputation on Uber. To move up the levels, you need to do the following:

  • Get out on the road. First off, you need to start driving a lot more with Uber. Some trips come with more payment than others in regards to the number of points earned. Your Uber app will give you more information about what kind of trips could earn you more points.
  • Be the best. As you might imagine, Uber Pro is all about improving the quality of service that the recipient receives. So, you’ll ned to keep your cancellation rate at 4% or below, and you’ll need to get a 4.85 rating or above. You’ll also need a high acceptance rate (85%) to move up.
  • Stay consistent. This is a system that is rated on a 3-monthly period, so you can always get evaluated and stay moving up/down the rankings. Uber Pro is constantly changing, too, so this means that you need to meet the requirements by certain deadlines. Get consistent!

After each period of 3-months is up, your points will be reset. Therefore, you will need to keep moving up the ladder if you wish to keep refreshing your rewards and enjoying the benefits that each level brings you. If you wish to get even more out of the Uber experience, then you might want to put a bit more effort and work into your day-today driving standards!

Can I take part in Uber Pro?

Well, that depends really. Where are you based? At the moment, anyone who cant take part in Uber Pro will find out more information in the Terms and Conditions. Keep in mind that this is still is very much a Beta release, so there is no full availability yet. It keeps growing, though, so you should not have to wait too long if you wish to try out Uber Pro wherever you happen to be based.

There are many cool benefits to taking part, so if you are in an area where you can then we would recommend that you do as soon as you possibly can.

Uber Pro Available in the following Cities


Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County


Orlando, Tampa


Philadelphia, Pittsburgh


Austin, Houston, Dallas

Minneapolis-St. Paul




Nevada-Las Vegas


New York-NYC

Missouri-Saint Louis

Utah-Salt Lake City

North Carolina-Raleigh-Durham

Virginia- Richmond.




New Jersey-New Jersey

Louisiana-New Orleans



District of Columbia

Getting Started with Uber Pro

Now that you know how to get involved with the program, you need to know how to get started. So long as you live in one of the areas listed above, you should be able to get access to Uber Pro thanks to the content in the Uber app. If you are not listed in one of these areas, then you will most likely not be able to use Uber Pro at the moment.

Given the very tight nature of the qualification requirements, though, we recommend that only experienced drivers take on Uber Pro. The high level of demand and the tiny margin for error means that, for the most part, you could put yourself under huge pressure and not really have the means to overcome it. As an early Uber driver, we recommend that you build up a rapport with the system and with your area first: it’s too easy to get kicked off Uber Pro if you are not in the right skill level required.

With around 9 trips per day needed to get to Diamond status, though, it is easily possible to get yourself into the standard of driving needed to get to the very top. Once you do, the rewards become far more reliable and worth fighting for. At first, though, you might find the benefits are hard to justify the extra strain on you.

The verdict, then, is simple: if you can handle the pressure, Uber Pro has many great benefits for you. If you are new to the platform or to driving with Uber generally, though, you might struggle to meet its demands. If you feel confident that you can stay within its metrics, though, you should definitely give it a try. Many Uber drivers love getting the extra bonuses and rewards they get from being part of the program. You could, too!