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Uber Pedal

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Uber now offers vehicles with Bike Racks for Cyclists – Catch a Ride with Uber Pedal

One of the most annoying features in the day and age and modern world is the necessity for transportation. Many people who would usually feel far more at home cycling or walking are forced into getting cars. Traveling long distances, or getting home after an exhausting days’ work, usually means getting transport. Whether it’s your own car, a friends’ vehicle or public transport such as Uber Pedal you can find that this becomes the most common way to get yourself around the place.

However, now, anyone who tends to use a bike to get from A to B can offer themselves support in the form of Uber Pedal.

What is Uber Pedal

Uber Pedal is the latest offering from Uber, the private transport firm offering an alternative to buses and taxis. Uber Pedal provides you with access to a car that can get you home like a normal taxi. However, it comes with a bike rack at the rear of the vehicle so that you know it can carry your bike without it having to be left behind, crammed in the back, or otherwise.

If you feel tired after a long day working and can’t make the return trip, but still enjoy cycling to work in the morning, Uber Pedal makes a very smart tool to use. Uber wants to make sure that even bike riders, the natural opposition to their service, can get some kind of benefit and see the good that this particular service offers.

This was first launched in the US city of Seattle, where it instantly became a massive hit. With two cyclists per vehicle, this makes it easy for groups to get out and about with the bike. Now, should injury, fatigue or even a popped tire kick in, a rather simple solution is offered. You can get your vehicle home, yourself home and all for an affordable price!

How Much Will Uber Pedal Cost?

At the moment, Uber Pedal offers a service that costs the price of your normal taxi, plus $5. So if your Uber lift in the morning is $10, it would be $15 if you have to use the Uber Pedal option instead. This gives you a chance to get you home without any of the usual problems and issues that can plague a cyclist. Long since being marginalized and not treated in a fair manner, it’s high time that cyclists finally felt the benefit of what has been one of the fastest growing transport firms on the planet.

So, for a mere extra $5 – you can get your bike back home with you on the day. This is much better than either trying to make that trip yourself when you are out of gas or injured. It also stops you having to prepare a DIY solution, to phone a friend to get a lift or to strike it lucky with a friendly and helpful passer-by.

This is a much preferred option for many people, making it so much easier for cyclists who find themselves in a bind to get home.

How Do I Use Uber Pedal?

To turn this service on, you simply need to go to your Uber mobile app. If you want to know if you can use it in your city (it’s expanding all the time) you just need to go to:

  1. Promotions within the Uber app itself.
  2. Once you are in there, you can look to just enter the promotional code PEDAL to unlock the chance to look at UberPedal.
  3. Glide to UberX and then make your selection, PEDAL option
  4. Request your Uber Pedal ride
  5. Enjoy your ride knowing your bike is safely strapped with a Saris rack.

However, it’s not widespread yet; this is still something that is being implemented so don’t be too sad if it’s not where you live yet; the smart money says that it won’t be too long. All you need to do once you have it unlocked is to use the ‘pedal option’ when sliding the button to look at UberX.

Once you do that, you should be able to see any – if any exist – vehicles in your area with a bicycle rack. This makes it much easier to hire a member of staff from Uber who can help you get home without any usual problems or frustrations.

This is such an important feature and one that you should definitely keep an eye on. It’s growing fast and before long we will probably see it entering into more commonly used locations where Uber shows strong market growth.

If you want to join the Uber drivers platform, you simply need to apply here.  Uber is now offering up to $,1000 sign on bonus to new drivers.

Should Drivers Join?

Yes, you should. If you have a vehicle that can handle it and you would like to have a better chance at landing more fares, then this is a pretty fine choice. The racks can be worked out if you contact your local Uber head office to see if you are eligible or if the service is being provided in your area et.

If you do this, then you can likely find out if it’s going to be a cost-effective move for you. It might take a bit of time to know if you have made the right call, but it’s by no means something that you should put off. The idea of having even more reason to be selected by users is a very positive aspect to have as one of the numerous Uber drivers out there competing for work and fares all across the globe.

Who Provides the Bike Racks?

At the moment, Saris are the company who are being the go-to bike rack provider for Uber. They are strong and sturdy with plenty of experience and positive response from the public, so they seem a pretty nifty fit.

If you have never used a Saris bike rack, then you should have a look into the features; they tend to offer a simple and easy solution for those who are in need of a new bike rack themselves.

So, whether you are an operator or you are looking for an easy way home after a hard work out, you will be sure to find the help that you need directly waiting for you with the excellent Uber Pedal. Eventually it will reach you and you can definitely benefit from using this as an additional service, or offering it as part of your personal Uber experience.

To apply to join the Uber drivers’ family, you simply need to apply here.  Uber is now offering up to $,1000 sign on bonus to new drivers.