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How to Add a Credit Card as Your Payment Option in the Uber App

If you want to add a different credit card as one of your Uber payment options to use for paying your Uber ride.   Although changing the payment options in the Uber app might appear to be an easy process, but some of the steps are not that obvious. Well, at least not to me, and to the people that emailed me.

Here’s how to add/change your credit card or payment option in the app through the old version.

  • Open the app
  • Tap on “set up pick up location”
  • You’ll see the last four number of your old card “PERSONAL … 1234”   Tap on it.
  • Look on the top right corner and you’ll see a small credit card sign… click on it.
  • Enter your new payment information on the field provided
  • SAVE

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Here’s how to add/change your credit card or payment option in the app through the updated version.

  1. Open your Uber rider app
  2. Click on the “clipboard sign” located on the left upper corner
  3. Click on “payment”
  4. Click on “Add Payment Method”
  5. Then you have the option to add your credit/debit card, or Paypal…
  6. And most importantly, make sure you click on SAVE.

Other Uber payment options

  • Paypal – You can set it through the app as well.
  • Google Wallet – You can use this option only if you are using Android phones.
  • Apple Pay – If you have an iPhone 6 or most recent then you can use this option.
  • Capital One Quicksilver or Quicksilver One cards – You get a free ride for every 10 paid ones.
  • Cash – Yes you heard it right, Uber accept cash.

How to delete an expired payment method

  1. Open your rider app
  2. Click on the “clipboard sign” see left upper corner
  3. Next, click on “payment”
  4. then you’ll see your payment methods… so click on the the one you want to delete
  5. Look at your upper right corner and click on the 3 vertical dots you see… and then click on “Delete”

What to do if you can’t add/change a credit card

You can’t always rely on technology, so if you encounter any difficulties while going through the steps to add a new card as your uber payment options – or if you get an app error when you request a ride using the payment method save on your file. You can try deleting and re-adding your card information. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to contact Uber customer service to get the issue taken care of as soon as possible.

What if you can’t delete an old or expired payment method?

I can’t think of any reasons why you won’t be able to delete an old or expired payment method, but things happen.  If you find yourself in this situation,  don’t delete the old payment method first; you want to add the new one first. I’m saying this because if you try to delete the old card on file before adding the new one, you’ll get an error message popped up as this one “You must have at least one payment method active.”

That’s why if you want to get around that error message, you’ll want to add in your new credit/debit card first, and then delete the old card. Sometimes, it might take a day or two for the old card to not keep showing up.  You are fine, as long as your new card is approved and showing up.