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Uber Gift Card

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Uber Now Has Gift Cards Available For Sale – Do You Really Want To Buy Them?

As the ride-share services continue to grow and expand, the Uber company follows the same path. New services and features come into play as time goes on and Uber continues to offer more value and convenience to its customers. One of the more recent additions – and one which is excellent value for money – is the Uber gift card.

This makes the perfect option for those who know what they need in terms keeping track of travel expenses. It can be one of the best gift ideas and give as gifts to friends that spend a fair chunk of their week travelling with Uber.

Saving Rough Travel

The Uber gift card is the perfect option for those who find themselves short on cash but who need to travel. When you have to reach point A within a short period of time, that stashed gift card could be the thin that saves your day.

As such the gift cards from Uber can make very useful presents for people whom you love but who you cannot seem to pick a good gift for. Or if you happen to know friends who constantly asking you for rides and you want to politely introduce them to Uber, giving them an Uber gift card seems like an appropriate way to do so.

If you want to save yourself from trying to leg it from one place to the next, then a gift card is a lovely little addition to have on you at all times. It can act as your insurance policy and make sure you are never stranded totally.

The Benefits of Gift Cards

  • Uber gift cards make good sense as they offer a simplistic service. This makes it easy to give someone the credit they need quickly and easily. So long as you have an active credit card or PayPal account then you can make the purchase for a gift card easily.
  • One reason why people love these cards is because they are timeless. Once purchased, it remains active until you actually use the card itself. So you could buy it now and keep it for a rainy day when you have no money or no transport to get to an event.
  • You can pick up gift cards from $25-250, depending on what you want. It’s becoming a service that allows you to easily offer simple treatment for friends and family who need to get to a location but want to have the luxury of free travel.
  • It’s a good gift, and a thoughtful one, as it has such a practical use. If you don’ want to give a pointless gift to someone, this is something they might actually use!

How to Redeem Your Uber gift card Credits?

To apply your Uber Credits from your gift card to your Uber rider account, you’ll want to follow the following instructions

  1. First download or update to the latest version of the Uber rider app.
  2. Then go to the Payment section of the app by clicking on the clipboard on the left upper corner.
  3. Click on Add Promo/Gift Code.
  4. Enter your Uber Code.

Where to Purchase Uber Gift Card

As of today, you can buy the uber gift cards pretty much everywhere, at Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, you name it… According to Uber, the gift cards will be available in many stores across the country and will be made available around the world soon in the coming weeks. The gift cards will also be made available to purchase online in the coming weeks. It is reported that the gift cards will be available for sale in over 35,000 locations.

Why You Should Use Uber Gift Cards

  • Do you have a friend or family member who has a habit of being “forgetful” with their cash? Well, you can make sure they have the capacity to get home safe with a gift card that covers the cost of reaching their home.
  • You have a friend who you want to come visit you but they cannot afford to/do not drive. Then you can send them a nice travel gesture and make sure that they can come see you.
  • Showing friends or family members what Uber is all about. If you know someone who would benefit from using it but will not sign up themselves, buy a gift card and let them see the power that it holds.
  • You have a child or a pregnant family member/friend who may be in need of emergency transport at any given time. With a gift card paid for it means they have money in the bank to get them home without any problems.
  • You prefer handing people a practice gift that they can actively make the most of.

Whatever the reason that you choose to go with an Uber cab, though, you’ll find that using an Uber gift card will go that extra mile!