Uber driver promotions

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How do Uber driver promotions really work?

Many Uber driver promotions are being offered on the platform, but certain specific requirements have to be met. I will go over the requirements you have to fulfill in order to actually get paid for these promotions.

Before I go any further, let me take this time here to tell you that every Uber driver promotions are varied by city. In other words, what’s currently available in city X may not be necessarily currently offered in cities Y & Z.  These promotions are typically based on specific times and locations.  Having said that, I will provide some key requirements you have to meet to qualify for some promotions.

Uber driver promotions

Completion of a number of trips

Again promotions vary by city, with that being said, some promotions require drivers to complete a number of trips, it may be 10, 20, 30 or more trips. Cancelled trips don’t count, only completed trips, you have to actually pickup a rider from his/her location to final destination.

How long you have to be online

Some promotions will specifically indicate the specific timeframe you have to be online; for instance, Uber might require drivers to be online from 2-3pm for a 1 hour promotion, or whatever time the promotions run for.  If there’s a 2 hour promotion limit, and you stay online for more, you’ll only get paid what you were guaranteed for the promotion.  Let me give you guys a scenario here, let say the promotion period is from 2-3pm, and you stay online from 2-4pm, you get paid whatever you were offered for the Uber driver promotion, which is 1 hour in this case. Obviously, you’ll get paid whatever you make at regular price from 3-4pm. I expect no confusion here please.

What is a promotion period?

Let me quickly go over what a promotion period really is, basically it is a specific timeframe, hours and date, that trips must be requested from riders, in order to qualify for a promotion.  Uber will tell you the time, date and location to be.

How many trips per hour to complete to qualify for the Uber driver promotions

One of the other requirements to meet is the “trips per hour” and it’s basically the total number of trips completed throughout a promotion period, which is again specific hours and date.  Let me give you an example, if a promotion period runs for 4 hours, and you end up completing 8 trips, your trips per hour is 2. It’s the average of trips per hour, that’s all it is really, (8/4 = 2).   The trip per hour requirement will vary by city, and Uber will tell you how many trips per hour to make to qualify for the promotion.  I’m going to say this again, cancelled trips don’t count.

Your acceptance Rate

Another requirement to meet in order to qualify for the Uber driver promotions is the acceptance rate. You have to be willing to accept trips as they come, if you’re not accepting the trips sent to your phone, there’s a good chance you forfeit the promotion. So make sure you accept the trips even during a trip, yes those are counted as well in your acceptance rate.  Most of the time, Uber ask for you to accept 90% of trip request to qualify.

Opt in

It depends on the type of promotions Uber is running at the time, some require that you opt in, basically you just require to provide your email email address or your phone number. Most Uber promotions simply require you to be in a certain location or areas and drive in the promotion period.

Specific Locations

Some Uber driver promotions will show the eligible areas to be, just because a promotion is running for example in Tampa FL or Los Angeles CA, doesn’t mean it’s in the whole city. Usually these promotions require drivers to be in a specific area of the city, maybe the downtown area, or Suburb area. Uber will obviously let you know about such eligible areas.   The specific location requirement can be tricky at times, what I’m trying to say is that it is based on the rider’s location request and not where the driver is when accepting the request.

How to find out if there’s a promotion offer in your city

If you want to know if there is currently a promotion offer in your city, you want to do followings.

  1. Sign in your Uber driver app
  2. Select the “Earnings” option
  3. Click on “Promotions” and you’ll be able to see a list of promotions available in your area.

How to track acceptance and cancellation rates for a promotion

If you want to tract your acceptance and cancellation rates for current Uber driver promotions, you want to tap on the “Earnings” tab.  Don’t get confused and click on the ratings tab, if you do so you’ll get to see the overall acceptance& cancellations rates for every trips you every make.  Having said that, you want to tap on the Earnings tab, these are the rates displayed for the current promotion.

When are Uber driver promotions paid?

You work, and you want to get paid for what you’ve earned, that’s understandable. You have to know that promotions are paid after they end. In other words, if a promotion is running for 10 days, you get paid the bonus promised after the promotion period or timeframe ends. Obviously, you’ll still get paid the regular trips made. Let me give you a scenario here, let’s say a promotion is running from October 24th till October 31st, so any Uber driver promotions’ earnings would be paid in the first week of November, after the promotion ends, remember?

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