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What Is Uber Destination Filter & Does It Really Work?

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As Uber continues to change to try and offer the best driving experience possible, one new feature that has been brought forward is the Uber destination filter. This is a feature that was expected for some time, and is beginning to become more and more prominently used as the ideal solution to working all over the place.

Uber destination filter basically allows you to set up a destination you’re headed toward and so Uber will only send you ride requests of those headed the same direction as you.

With such a high volume of requests on the Uber platform this means that you should have no problem getting matched.  But still it’s good to know this option is available to us drivers. With very specific and particular destination filters being used and so getting matched with a rider on our way home is a possibility.

If you are making a trip somewhere, why not set a destination filter and get a few rides on the way? So long as you are alone you can easily bring in some extra work just going to and from a destination normally.

How Does Uber Destination Filter Operate?

Basically, this allows drivers to set a destination limit on where they wish to work. It means that only vehicles heading in that general direction will be flagged, limiting the amount of work but also the kind of work being taken on. It allows you to work in a more general area rather than wherever Uber snaps its fingers and demands, which can be very useful from a logistical point of view.

You can use this feature twice per day and it allows you to more or less make sure that your days are going to be more simplistic than they are just now. It allows you to easily change the flow of work and make your ratings improve whilst allowing you to get more work done in a timely manner.

The reason why this is so useful is because it just allows you to be more comfortable where you are driving. One major criticism of Uber is sending drivers into places they do not know or have never been just because the system decided, creating uncertainty for both driver and passenger.

This can all so easily be avoided with the right kind of ideas and planning moving forward. With a limit of around 75 miles, too, this allows you to set a fairly long area to work in. This isn’t cutting your nose off to spite your face or anything of the sort – it’s smart and intelligent business planning. It allows you to work in your best areas and offer the most positive results possible for your customers, making sure that everyone can get the most out of the Uber experience.

How to use the Uber destination filter

  1. Open the Uber driver app and click on the clipboard sign seen in the upper left corner.
  2. Next you want to click on the the plus (+) sign located inside the “Set a destination” Remember that you can only use this feature only twice daily, and that the app keeps track of that.
  3. Enter your destination. Note that you have a 75 mile range limitations.
  4. After you set your destination, you’ll be able to see the top bar has an orange color, and a message “finding matching trips” will pop up.

The Benefits of the Uber Destination Filter

One of the main reasons why this is so well respected and appreciated comes from the fact that it allows you to start your shift early – just turn the filter on and let it find someone for you when it can. This allows you to get out there and ready to go earlier than other drivers, making yourself a preferred option.

You can make nice money on the smaller trips, too. As you can see, the idea of using the Uber destination filter is well worth considering. Anyone working for Uber should have no problems using this service and making the most of it.

We want to hear from you, does the Uber destination filter work for you?