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An Overview of Uber Cancellation Fee

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Uber is an “on demand” ride-share service. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t want to request a ride until you are actually ready to go. That way, you won’t risk having your ride cancelled on you and end up paying for an Uber cancellation fee.

What is Uber cancellation fee?

Uber cancellation fee is basically a flat fee that riders get charged if they cancel a ride after 5 minutes of making the request. The Uber cancellation fee varies by city and it depends on the type of Uber service you pinged/requested. If you use UberX or UberXL the cancellation fee is $5, and if it’s UberBlack, UberSUV, or UberSelect you’ll get charged a flat fee of $10.

Uber Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel your ride before 5 minutes after you get connected with a driver, a cancellation fee will not be charged to your account.
  • You will get charged an Uber cancellation fee if you submit a cancel request after 5 minutes.
  • If your driver shows up at your pickup location and you’re not there within 5 minutes, the driver may cancel the ride and you will get charged a cancellation fee.
  • If your driver is en route to pick you up, and for some reason the driver cancels the trip, you won’t get charged a dime. It doesn’t matter how long because he/she is not at your pick up location.

Cancellations can be exasperating for both riders and drivers; therefore, a cancellation policy is put in action. This cancellation fee guarantees that drivers are compensated for the time they were en route coming to you.

Many Uber users are unsure about the cancellation fees but don’t worry anymore. Here you will find everything related to it. If you cancel your ride within five minutes of the original request, you will not be charged.

Nevertheless, if you cancel after five minutes, you have to pay 5 dollars which will be inevitably charged for your next trip.

How to cancel an Uber ride

The procedure of canceling your Uber ride is also very simple. If you decide to cancel your trip while your Uber driver is on the way to get to you. Simply hit on your driver’s details tab to view other options.  Then you will see a Cancel Ride button. Hit it.

uber cancellation fee

You will be inquired to confirm that you desire to cancel your Uber ride. Click on YES if you agree.


Problems on Consumer Ends

One of the problems faced by Uber riders is getting wrongfully charged for cancellation fees.  It’s not fair to you to pay uber fees that out your control such as an issue with the app. I want to point out that Uber has a vast branch of Uber services available to their riders. They want to take over the transportation industry if they haven’t already, and so Uber want their customers to be happy. Having said that, their policies will most likely be fair to Uber riders, they meet their consumers’ satisfaction.

How to get an uber cancellation fee waived

As I stated above, you can cancel your Uber ride anytime within the first 5 minutes of requesting it. If you want to cancel after 5 minutes have passed, you’ll be incurred an Uber cancellation fee of $5 or $10 depends in the city you are and on the Uber services requested.

If you believe you’ve been charged wrongfully a cancellation fee, or you get charged by mistake, you can try to have the fee waived get using the Uber app or on Uber’s website.

If you are using the Uber app to request a cancellation fee to be waived, follow this:

  • Open your uber rider app.
  • Click the at the left upper corner.
  • Then click on ‘Your Trips’
  • Select the trip you want to dispute.
  • Next, you want to click on the “I had an issue with my fare” option.
  • After that select ‘I was charged a cancellation fee’
  • Tap on the “share details” field provided.
  • Type the details and reasons why you believe you were wrongfully charged an Uber cancellation fee. For instance, if your driver encouraged you to cancel your trip after the 5 minutes mark because he is running late. Or he has a car problem while he was en route to your pick up location. You want to include such info.
  • Click on the Submit button – Uber will review your dispute and usually get back to you as soon as possible.

Keep in mind:

    1. Uber is an “on demand” ride-share service, which means don’t request a ride until you are ready to go.
    2. You can communicate by text or call with your driver through the rider app, so if your driver arrived and you’re not yet ready; for example, you’re still paying your bar tab, call you driver and let him/her know.
    3. If there is an issue with the pickup location; such as a wrong address were pinged/entered. You want to call your driver and have it taken care of, I can tell you from experience that if you’re communicating with your driver there’s less chance the driver will cancel your trip.
    4. The big selling point of Uber beside its convenience of requesting a ride through an app is that Uber riders can see where the driver is at any given time until at the pickup location.

Bottom line:

  • Be ready to hop into your Uber car the minute you request your Uber ride.
  • You might want to look for your ride, check to see if your driver is a few houses down from your current location.
  • Look at the Uber rider app and make sure you did actually drag the pin to your actual location. With that being said, don’t request a ride and decided to take a walk; the system wasn’t designed to follow you every step you make.
  • If you receive a notification from Uber that your ride has arrived and you can’t find the car, CALL YOUR DRIVER. It’s safer to call rather than text back and forth with your driver.
  • Don’t cancel on your driver just because he/she doesn’t share the same race as you.

Thanks to Uber, we can now enjoy reasonable, decent and secure rides which are just a button away. How is it just a button away, you ask? Simply download the Uber application, select your desired destination and within few minutes your ride is here. And Uber is cheaper compared to other taxi services.