Uber Business Profile

Uber Business Profile

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What is Uber business profile?

Uber is becoming much more popular now.  Some Uber riders use the ride-share company for both business and regular trips. Not long ago, Uber integrate a new system to the app called Uber business profile. It was designed as a way of separating personal trips from business trips.

When you make your Uber business profile, as a rider, you’ll be able to differentiate your personal from your business trips.  To create a business profile, you’ll need your company email address as well as a payment method to use.  Obviously, you’ll use your company’s credit card to your Uber account.

With an Uber business profile account, you’ll have the option of managing your business trips and expenses.

Any trips that you requested on your uber app will be charged to the company’s credit card saved on file. Your Uber receipts will automatically be sent to your business email for any trips use for such purposes.

Also, your Uber business profile will direct you to put in an expense code as well as a memo for each trip. If the expense code and memo field are made mandatory by your company, you’ll have to insert this information before you can actually complete the trip request. This step was designed to help you keep track of your Uber travel expenses.

You’ll also have the option to receive weekly or monthly travel reports summarizing all trips taken on your business profile. This simplifies expensing individual trip receipts.

A lot of countries that Uber business profiles are being used; many have the options to integrate with Certify, Chrome River, Concur, and Expensify to receive a weekly or monthly travel report. The report shows all trips taken on your business profile account.

How to set up an Uber profile Business

  • Open your Uber rider app, and tap on the clipboard sign seen on left upper corner
  • Click on SETTINGS from your app menu
  • Tap on “Add Business Profile
  • Click on “Get Started Tab
  • Enter the work email on the space provide
  • Then click on the “NEXT” tab
  • Click on the “Add Payment Sign” (right upper corner)
  • You are now to enter the credit card number or Paypal you want to use
  • Last but not least click on “SAVE

How to select an Uber for business profile

After you set up your business profile in your rider app, which means you already add your company’s info and details and have your business account ready for use. Next time you open your Uber rider app to request/ping for a ride, you’ll have the option to select whether it’s for personal or business purposes using the Uber Business profile before and during a trip.  Follow the instructions below and you’ll be able to request a ride using your business profile account.

  1. Enter your pickup location.
  2. Click on the profile bar showed below the map.
  3. Pick your company’s Uber business profile.

If for some reason you want to change your payment method, I’ll show you how to do so below. Once I was in a business trip, and I requested an Uber ride using my personal account and I needed to change the profile or payment method of the trip. I did change it because I knew how, if you don’t know, here’s how you can do so.

  1. Click on TRIPS from the Uber app menu.
  2. Select History and click on the trip you want to change the payment method.
  3. Click on the NEED HELP button
  4. Pick on the Receipts and Payment option
  5. You have the option to pick between “switch my payment method for this fare” or “ I used the wrong profile