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Uber Accident

Fatal Accident Rates Decline since Uber Launch

Although Uber is a highly useful service that has made a positive impact on the transport industry as a whole, incidents do occur. Although the chances of being in an Uber accident are very low, it’s important that you take into account these specific incidents and the potential they have for causing problems.

Although concerns exist about Uber security when it comes to hiring drivers, the majority of drivers are well-regarded and respected. With the ability to see reviews of drivers before hiring, you can make sure the person you are hiring is likely to be as far away from an Uber accident as possible.

Crime rates have fallen with regards to accidents since Uber appeared, but that does not mean that you should be blasé about the service. While it’s hard to find specific figures regarding Uber accident rates, but according to this study based from analyzing data from National Highway Traffic Administration Safety Uber is responsible for about 17 percent decline in fatalities from vehicles every year.

Arguments for and against Uber raise concerns on the roads and have been raging for a while now. Many are convinced that they are burden to the roads and that they needlessly endanger other people.

According to the Who’s Driving You campaign, ride-sharing companies are responsible for at least 10 fatal car accidents in 2016.  Many of these fatal accidents are not limited to pedestrians, motorcyclists, and Uber drivers and passengers have also been killed.

So, what is the Uber accident policy?

Uber owns a rather complicated insurance policy for drivers. It covers anyone in the vehicle for injury and, at worse, death, and also injury to pedestrians and others due to driver negligence. It also offers liability cover, should any kind of damage be done to public or personal property due to an event that occurs.

However, some drivers tend to carry their own insurance policies to have even more cover. At present Uber looks to strike off anyone who has had more than three incidents within the last five years, and are very strict about drivers. Be assured that anyone driving for Uber for a prolonged period of time will have shown their experience and that they can be trusted.

It’s important to note, though, that cover is fully fault based with Uber. This means that if the Uber driver is not at fault, the process can change accordingly.

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Claiming for an Uber Incident

If you were the victim of a crash or incident due to Uber, then you need only mention the incident in your driver review. ASAP, an Uber rep will be in charge to see what happened, and how they can make it up to you. It’s at this point that you can decide how far you wish to take it. You’ll also likely have to speak to the insurance firm(s) involved in the process, so be prepared for that.

You could also make a direct claim against the insurance itself, against the driver. You would need to be sure that you have the information and the means to fight such a case, though, so make sure you know what you are getting into.

Taking the time to understand Uber is a very worthwhile thing to do. Not only will it help you understand and appreciate the challenges you are likely to face as a passenger, it means you have a full and clear grasp regarding how to handle Uber in a legal scenario. We hope you never need to deal with this yourself, but it’s best to know what to expect!