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Top 10 Reasons Why Uber Need To Add a Tipping Feature to Its App

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We are living in an age where convenience is top priority.  The new millennium has given a new meaning to the phrase “time waits for no one”.  As a slew of lifestyle apps emerge daily, only the best survive.  Uber has been one of the top contenders since its spike in popularity over the past couple of years.

So what is Uber, you may wonder?  Uber is an innovative app that connects people with a local driver at the speed of light.  Using GPS technology, Uber pinpoints both the rider and the Uber driver’s locations for viewing.  Once the Uber driver drops the riders off at the requested location, the cashless transaction is made through whatever card is on the user’s account.

In my own experience as an Uber rider, the first time I used the service, I had an impressive experience.  I found myself wanting to leave a tip to show my appreciation to the driver, but was informed that there was no tipping feature (nor did I have cash on hand).  That experience has inspired this list of the top reasons why Uber should add a tipping feature to its app.

Getting tips would be a great incentive to encourage performance.

Though Uber is virtually unbeatable, no company wants to have their reputation spoiled by poor service. If drivers know that people are more likely to tip, they’ll most likely want to give them a reason to do so.

Passengers want to tip.

It is very likely that an Uber rider is not going to be carrying cash.  Let’s face it, most of the Uber users I have encountered are utilizing the service after a night on the town.  At the bar, they are using their credit or debit card to start a tab.  At the late night diner, they are cashing out with their credit or debit card.  The Uber app uses a card or PayPal, so why not add the tipping feature as the other businesses are.

Uber drivers would appreciate the extra revenue.

The word out is that Uber drivers earn $0.95 per mile, and twenty percent is taken by Uber plus $1 per ride. Though this does not equate to a low income for the drivers, those tips could surely make up for the cut that is made by Uber.

The competition is doing it.

The biggest competitor of Uber is Lyft.  One of the only components to set Uber apart from Lyft is the tipping feature.  The competition has been quite fierce between the two companies.  It is rumored that there have been shady actions to boost data, recruit each other’s drivers, and even adding on commissions for drivers. Uber could use the extra ammo against Lyft.

Taxi companies are doing it.

Though it is still being disputed, there is minimal doubt that Uber and similar services are pulling the rug from under taxicab companies’ feet.  The one thing that Uber lacks to completely destroy the taxi industry is the lack of a tipping feature.


Unfortunately, Uber Technologies Inc. has run into some legal issues regarding tipping.  In one matter, Uber was telling riders that the tip was included in their fares (though it is with UberTAXI only).  In another instance, it was being reported that Uber drivers’ tip was included in their income, which is clearly not the case.  Either way, these troubles could have been avoided by enabling a tipping feature.

You can rate the drivers and the drivers can rate you.

Why not have tipping as an extra incentive for exemplary drivers?  Riders are able to rate drivers, and in turn, drivers are able to rate riders.  A tipping feature can be viewed as a way to rate exemplary drivers other than just only 5 stars.

Other companies are looking to Uber for innovative inspiration.

From Forbes to Google, notable companies are backing Uber Technologies.  The largest technology giant is investing in you that speak volumes to smaller businesses.  If Uber is missing the marking on one small feature, what does that says to those smaller companies?

Uber drivers are sure to have interesting shifts.

Uber drivers have confessed to experiencing some pretty crazy adventures.  From car sick partygoers to rude and entitled riders, the experience could easily turn sour on both ends.  In some situations, riders may want to make up for a car sick or belligerent friend…we think Uber should let them with the option of a tipping feature.

Happy Uber Drivers equal a Happy Uber

Does that really require further explanation?  You have Other reasons? Share them with us!