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Must Have Uber Gears for Drivers

Last Updated on by B. Thermidor

As Uber drivers, there are a few Uber gears that we must have if we want to provide a safe and comfortable ride to our passengers. I personally won’t even start my car to drive for Uber before accounted for every essential Uber gear. I know if I don’t have them, I put myself at risk of getting bad reviews or ratings from riders. Below, I’m going over the basic equipments to have as an Uber driver and why they’re important.

Phone mounts

Safety is important in every aspects of life; especially when driving passengers around. You are behind the wheel, and so you’re responsible for their lives. The first Uber gear I would recommend you to have is a good phone mount.

You won’t have to hold your phone on the palm of your hand and following the GPS which is totally unsafe.  You need a phone mount that is durable, easy to handle, and most importantly staying in place where it’s easily seen and accessible while you drive.

You want to place the phone mount reachable enough to accept ride requests and not too much in your face so you can see the road.  You want to be able to take your phone in and out should you need to and without any fuss.

Aux Cord

I don’t know how to tell you how necessary an aux cord can be.  I recommend that you play the type of music that your passengers enjoy. I myself let them use the aux cord to play their own music, that way I won’t have to burn my data or battery.

You’ll definitely need an aux cord; some passengers will even ask you for one. It depends on the type of vehicle you have, if you have a brand new or a fairly recent vehicle that comes with Spotify, Uber riders will be able to take control of the music wirelessly due an Uber’s feature within the app.  So, any riders who happen to be Spotify account holders will be able to play their own music while in your vehicle.

Phone Chargers

The Uber app is notoriously a battery drainer. I’m talking from experience; you need to let your phone remain plugged most of the time. Doing so, you will have one less thing to worry about, a dying phone due to low battery.  You need to have an iPhone charger and an android phone charger; passengers expect to get that from and will often ask you if they charge their phones.

You don’t have to buy expensive phone chargers or none of that, as long as they can do the job, that’s fine, riders could care less.

Sun pass

If you’re driving in a city where there are many tolls, you’ll need to have toll passes instead of stopping to pay cash every time. For example, If you’re a Florida resident and you’re driving for Uber in St. Petersburg you’ll want to have a Sun pass. Although you’ll pay for the tolls, Uber will charge these Uber fees to the riders.

Some passengers don’t like when Uber drivers have to stop and pay tolls, so having a toll pass glued on your dash will go a long way.

Puking Bag

If you’re driving on weekends, you definitely need this uber gear. You’ll meet a lot of drunk people during those times, and you want to be cautious so you don’t end up having people’s vomit in your vehicle.

Although you’ll get reimbursed for a cleaning fee if a passenger puking in your car, but it’s not worth it having to go through that.  Yes it will happen to you if you drive the bar hours often, there’s a good chance it will happen to you.

I remember cleaning my car, vacuum, wipe, I mean I did the whole nine yards, getting ready to drive for Uber on a Saturday night.  Next thing, I know I picked up a few drunks, and one of them end up puking in my car. I learned my lesson right then and there, to have vomit/puking bags readily available.