is uber safe

Is Uber Safe ?

Is Uber safe, that is the question many are asking. For some time now, we’ve been seeing a gradual increase in the challenges against Uber. Many larger cities with significant taxi firms and a large cab industry are, naturally, against the implementation of Uber. It’s a reckless firm, they say, with little regard for the safety or comfort of those who are out there on the roads. They don’t treat passengers right, they’ll hire anyone who isn’t a complete lunatic, and they don’t care about drivers.

This is, of course, just one side of the story. In fact, it does happen to come across as a little sour. But the question is Uber safe needs to be asked.

The Uber Guarantee 

It’s important to note that Uber do go out of their way to try and explain that they are doing all they can to be safe. Given the nature of the company – contracted, freelance drivers – someone unsuitable will almost always slip through the net. With that in mind, though, the Uber policy is to always try and offer:

  • Full driver profiles. This means that when you hire your driver to come and pick you up, you know who you have hired. You can see information about the driver, a photo and a rating system being used to help you determine just who it is that you have hired. This is very useful in terms of making sure that you can make the most of the information about every Uber driver.
  • Total transparency. All rider requests will be matched with the closest possible driver – this means that nobody can be discriminated against. It also means that Uber is extremely serious about making sure that they limit the level of driver to only being the best. With the closest driver being selected, it ensures Uber is far more careful about who they hire.
  •  Easy pickups. The idea is that you get picked up in a noted place that is then marked, and that it’s in a location where you can be clearly seen. This avoids seedy pickups and anything underhand being possible thanks to the location of where you have been picked up from.
  • Rapid support. Had a bad experience? Then Uber are pretty fast at getting back to you to ascertain what went wrong. If you felt unsafe or your driver seemed a little unhinged, you can easily make a complaint and make sure that the situation changes in the future.
  • Given that Uber does insure drivers and that it can provide compensation for unsatisfactory journeys, you know that you have some form of coverage. Whilst it cannot compensate for anything that might go wrong during the journey, it means you know that a mechanism exists to help you out.

With this in mind, then, you can easily start to make use of Uber knowing that the company does everything it can to be safe. Whilst not perfect, the company does a lot to try and improve on safety records. As Uber continues to find itself under the spotlight, this is only likely to continue. What do you think, is uber safe?