How to Find an Uber Rider’s Final Destination before Picking Them Up?

The Easy and Fastest Way to Find Riders Destination before Picking Them Up?

Have you ever wondered an uber rider’s final destination before you arrive at their location? I have good news for you.  You can see where your passengers are going before you arrive at the pickup location, yes there’s a way.

I will show you how and it’s easy to find out. This only works when a passenger enters his or her destination. If not, obviously there’s no way of knowing where a passenger is going if he/she hasn’t entered the final destination on the uber system.

You receive a ping request, and you accept it.

uber rider destination


Hit the clipboard in right upper corner

Uber rider final destination

Click on the waybill is in right upper corner.

You now see their pickup location, and their final destination if they entered it, and other trip info.
So you have their destination before pickup. So you can get an idea where your passenger is going.
This blog is for informational purposes only.

You can’t be cherry picking and cancelling on your passengers because they’re only going a block or two. You might accept a pax who’s only going half a mile but you never know, it might put you in a position to pick one up going 50+ miles away. Take the good with the bad.

Uber female drivers might be concerned and worried of having to go to an unsafe destination, late at night, and she’s not familiar with. So, however you chose to use this information, use it fairly, and don’t be cancelling short trips. I understand that some would use it just because they don’t want to drive 8 miles to pick up a pax for a 1 mile trip.

Remember, there’s no way of knowing where passenger is going if the pax hasn’t entered their destination on the system. If that is the case, the only way left of knowing is to actually call the passenger. Use this “Hi, I’m on my way, can you confirm where you’re going please?” It works charmingly! In my case, I accept every ride, short or long ones, I don’t care.

I met an Uber driver in Tampa FL the other night, and he asked me if I knew a way of knowing a rider’s final destination before pickup. I showed him, and here’s what he had to say after, “I won’t use it to cancel short rides, but I’ll use it to travel toward home at the end of late night shift. Sometimes a PAX will take me a long way from home and by knowing this info I can take rides in the direction of my house. “

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  • Michael_T

    Thanks for this! I hate to say this, but now I’m looking only for short trips. Uber only paying paying 65 cents/mile where I am. Have you noticed that the price on short trips goes up? it used to be $2.40 and now it’s $3.04.

    • UberDriver

      @Michael_T, Yeah I noticed that too, at least in Tampa FL, I don’t mind short trips now at all, it’s ridiculous how uber is mistreating their drivers. I mean 65 cents per mile, when taxis are $2.65/mile in most US cities. I mean really Uber?

  • Joe_98

    I’ll use this info wisely, nice article!

    • UberDriver

      @joe_98 I’m glad you find this article useful, thanks.

  • Chantelle_09

    I won’t be “cherry picking” trips based on distance, but as a female driver driving late at night, it’ll help me to know if I’m going to a safe neighborhood,

    • UberDriver

      @Chantelle_09, Safety first, always protect yourself, be careful out there.

  • Maddie Mahoney

    Good “trick”! Very helpful and I’m glad to know.

  • kev

    How do use The pax for rides on your way home? Explain thank you.

    • I’m sorry Kev, I’m not sure what you’re asking, please rephrase. Thanks…

      • sweety

        I think he is asking what I am at a location C and my house is on Location A. I dont want to drive back to Location A…instead I want to pick someone up going towards my home so how can he get a ride from Location C to Location A? In my case, I did enter my final destination i.e. home and waited for Uber to send me a pax…I waited for long time…finally wound up driving back alone..I had to eat up the gas cost..

        • Uber will not necessarily match you with a pax going on your way home, but it’s possible…

        • ⚓ Siren Williams ⚓

          Well you’re lucky to have that option. My app doesn’t even have the clipboard so I get stuck hours away from home and have to eat the cost of gas to get back. It’s horrible. I’m pretty much done with the system unless they want to make that option available to EVERYONE as it should be.

          • If the trick doesn’t work for you, send your riders a text message to ask where they’re going…. I usually do it like this: “Hi, my name is Jason, I’m on my way to pick you up, can you confirm where you’re going please?” They’re usually respond, and so you’ll have to decide if you want to go where they said.

  • Dr Gordon Freeman

    I would use it to avoid driving into New York City, or across toll bridges, where I don’t have enough reserve in my bank account to cover the tolls, which I have to wait a week before being reimbursed for. I’m also not really too keen on driving 10 or 15 miles for a ride that’s only worth $4, and takes me further away from home, especially when I might not get a fare going towards home afterwards. Perhaps you have money to throw away on gas, but I don’t. Uber can’t expect drivers to shoulder the entire burden of deadheading, and fronting for outrageous tolls, as we have in the NYC area. Uber passengers also cannot expect for the driver to shoulder these costs alone, yet so few even bother to tip us. I’ll bet if no one paid them for their effort, that they would feel any different.

    • @Gordon, I think as long as you don’t use it to cherry pick longer rides over short rides or vise versa, that’s understandable. Uber now have instant pay, it’s something you probably should consider, that way you won’t have to worry about waiting 1 week to get reimbursed. Here in Florida drivers are not making as much as drivers in California and New York… In fact, here in Orlando FL it’s 65 cents a mile and in Tampa and St. Pete FL it’s 80 cents/mile. And riders barely tip…

    • Doodoobudda

      Your reason is the same reason I have for wanting to know where people are going. I live in NJ just outside of NYC and I can’t afford to constantly have the reserve for potential trips to NYC. If any of you haven’t driven in NYC, the tolls are ridiculous. If you have a passenger going to any airport the tolls are at minimum $15 one way. And to drive Uber or lyft in NYC you need to pay for a license. So if I drop someone off I have to head back to NJ for my next trip.

      • @Doodoobudda Thanks for stopping by… I’m assuming Uber reimburse you those toll fees. Wow it’s crazy in NY, $15 tolls 1 way? Hope you make enough after all expenses…

  • Vivian Khizkial

    This does not work!! Why i tried this i accept the trip click on way bill it says for final destination (as directed) never ever tells me the address of riders final drop off do you actually have to be driving an navigating and be close to their pick up location to see it? Help

    • @Vivian, it won’t work if the rider doesn’t enter his/her destination in the system. It actually works for me for some riders and not all. There’s no way we’ll know their destination if they don’t enter it… Another trick you can try you want… you can text them and say “Hi, I’m on my way, Can you confirm where you’re going please?”

      • Vivian Khizkial

        I tried and tested it on a few none of them show thier final destination, all it says is to (as directed ) i don’t know what phone you have but mine is a samsung note 4. I also did the message thing to the rider cancelled the trip lol uber is beginning to get on my nerves shit pay too probably going to not continue with it for very long .

        • I don’t think it has to do with your phone, I think (not sure) if you have a very low cancellation rate, they’re probably let you see the rider’s destination knowing you won’t cancel it anyway… Uber don’t want you to cancel on short rides. lol…

      • calvin booker

        No, no, no…..why bother the passenger(s)before you have even picked them up? Part of the deal driving with Uber is the unknown factor;not knowing what their destination is. Some people may get annoyed asking them for their destination. Could be paying the bill, catching up with old friends one last min before you arrive. The last thing id want is an Uber driver bugging me. Leave them alone, they are the ones paying…..

  • Uberdoes

    Why not use it? We are in the business to make money. Wasting 20 minutes driving for a two dollar ride is bullcrap. Even a taxi service is told the pick up and destination. The only reason Uber doesn’t care is that every ride is pure profit. Sorry, but the short ride free losers are killing the platform

    • You’re making a good point… Uber is making money on every ride; especially the short ones…

  • sweety

    I am brand new to Uber. As soon as I turned my phone on…on my first day, it started to ping. I didnt know where the pax were going so I wound up driving long distance. One pax was so nice that she gave me $10 in tip because I told her that I have never driven this far. Anyway so do I make more money or short trip or long trip? I am in East bay, California…to be specific in Hercules, CA

    • @sweety, I personally prefer long trips, You tend to make more with longer trips. But some people prefer short trips so they won’t have to spend too much time with the passengers.

    • Ashley Rose

      I personally wish uber told u how far the trip will be before u accept it, what if it’s 4 hrs away or something, I don’t want to drive that far just to have to drive back . If I’m in the area I don’t mind the short ones if it’s one after another it’s quick and easy I prefer the half hrish rides they usually land me about 20 to 25 depending on time of day and it’s not too long not too short.

      • If Uber provided such information, many drivers will cancel on short trips. I understand you like short trips better, personally I like long trips, and I suspect many do as well. You’re right though, if we consider as contractors, Uber should be up front to the drivers and should be provided such info to us…

  • sweety

    So driving Uber for few hours a day…is it worth it considering the cost of gas, wear, tear, & maintenance on Prius 2007?

  • Canteev

    I live in NJ around the Jersey Shore, so my situation is a bit weird. Basically, there are cities within a mile of each other that charge at a different rate. In a Jersey Shore town, base fare is 2.40, per mile is $1.70, and per minute is $ 0.16. There’ll be a town 0.5 mile away where the base fare is 1.05, the cost per mile is 0.85, and the cost per minute is 0.15. It leaves me in the position where a trip to NY will net me 44 bucks and another 80. I know I would probably not waste my time driving someone an hour for $40; it’s not worth it. That’s money I could net in two trips from towns in the Jersey and still not travel an hour back and forth.

    • @Canteev, wish Uber gave drivers the option to choose or set up their account whether they want short or long trips. It would help you a lot on your situation.

      • Canteev

        I don’t mind long trips. It’s just that it’s silly that because of one or two miles, the cost of taking similar trips differ by almost 100%.

        • Yeah, it’s really crazy. look at it on the bright side, you won’t get all your trips at 85 cents/mile, from time to time you might get fares at 2.40 a mile. Here in Tampa FL, it’s 80 cents a mile, it was even at a low 65 cents/mile at one point. Be safe out there…

    • ⚓ Siren Williams ⚓

      Seriously??? Oh my goodness, I’ve only been getting about $18-20 for an hours trip in FL, AND my app (even the update) doesn’t have the clipboard, so I can’t set a destination to get back home, OR see where they are going before I get to them. I VERY OFTEN drive 15-30 minutes to pick people up for a $3-5 ride. It’s killing me and I’m pretty much over Uber and I just started. I had to drive nearly 2 hours home the other night without Ubering, eating the cost of gas.

      • Canteev

        If that’s all you are getting, you might not break even. I also doubt you get only 18-20 dollars. Doing the math, the price per mile would be below $0.50. Then again, NY is 60 miles away from me. Due to traffic difference, it’s possible that an hour drive for you is 35-40 miles.

        But yes, I am lucky to get fares mostly from Jersey Shore cities. I can make $300 with 20 hours of work, wait time included. Of course, working Saturday until 2 or 3 AM is a must.

      • Tony

        Where in FL are you doing it? I’m in FL too

        • I’m doing Uber in Tampa/St.Pete/Sarasota area…

          • Mo Lillaney

            The best way to make money is to look at the promotions for any possible guaranteed fair premiums…. Boston has premiums for 1.4x to 1.8x guaranteed during certain hours… That’s when I choose to drive

      • Kathy

        Ditto! I am seeing the same situation and thinking the same thing. Also I am seeing pickups of young, poor, looser type-riders who need to get a way to work and NEVER tip. I live in Central FL These rides average $3.75. Am leery about driving 15 minutes out of my way and taking a chance on that type of money.

  • ⚓ Siren Williams ⚓

    I’ve tried this and it NEVER shows a destination.

    • It’s possible that the riders don’t enter their destination in the uber app. There’s no way of knowing if the riders don’t actually entered where they’re going.

  • Canteev

    Maybe it’s because I do this part time and have never worked for a taxi service, but I do prefer shorter trips–not two minutes, but 15-30 minutes. Since I more or less work only during the weekends, I tend to drive late into night. I just haven’t found it worthwhile to drive to NY(1 hr from where I live in NJ) at 1 AM. On the other hand, I have no problem dropping people 30 minutes away during that same time. That’s why I wish Uber would let drivers know destination.

    • @Canteev I agree that Uber should let at least drivers with certain ratings to know before hand the passengers’ destinations.

      • Canteev

        My rating is terrible, so I wouldn’t be one of those drivers. (It’s mainly because I only drive on weekends, so last week I lost .10 because of two 1 ratings.)

        I think acceptance and cancellation rate is a better indicator. A good score in both categories implies that the driver doesn’t pick and choose, so if he refuses or cancels a request, it’s for a good reason.

        • Try to raise your rating, I’m sure you already know if your rating drop below 4.6 there’s a possibility that Uber will deactivate you. I’ve seen it happen… I think you’re right acceptance and cancellation rate are much better indicators.

          • Canteev

            I was in a great run where I had 37 out 41 5-star ratings, but it fell apart a couple of weeks ago. That got me to 4.59, but someone gave me a 1 for telling him not to smoke in my car, and I had a rough couple of weeks after that. I am not worried as I’ve never gotten a warning. Maybe the average in my city isn’t that high. I’ve only been rated 83 or 84 times, so that tells you how little I’ve driven.

          • You’ll be easily raise your rating to 4.6… Last time and only time a rider asked me to smoke in my car, he offered me 20 dollars, and it was my last trip of the night (3am) so I accepted . It wasn’t worth it, my car smelled a lot after that… Since then I politely tell them no…

        • Nancy Tauber

          What are you doing? I hope you’re not implying you want a tip. I don’t know how you got a rating like that. Maybe it’s not a job for you

          • Canteev

            What are you talking about? First, this post is over a year old. Second, my rating is now well over 4.80. I am not sure what you are trying to get at.

  • Chelsea Eiben

    But how can we know Where the Destination is BEFORE accepting trip?????

    As a bike courier, I need to know where I am going for the whole trip before I can commit, ya know????

    • There’s no way of knowing a rider’s destination before accepting a trip unless Uber provides us with such information. It’d be fair if Uber could give us this information, after all they said we’re contractors.

      • noloveinfear

        It seems that would lead to drivers cherry-picking fares and would lower the quality of service.

        • Not necessarily, some drivers like short rides, and some like long rides. But who knows, you might be right…

          • noloveinfear

            I could see that – for some folks it’s just a good way to get out, talk to people, see parts of town they might not see otherwise.

            As far as the folks out there looking to earn, I think they’re looking for trips that line up geographically. It would be nice to be able to tell Uber, “I’d like to be home by this time – here’s my home, you guys do the math” and have it work out. Just some software stuff, right? A few lines of coke and a few thousand lines of code, we’ll get it.

          • There’s always gonna be a few that will try to take advantage of the system… Having said that, it would be nice if Uber could let us know where the rider is going before hand instead of trying to find out ourselves…

          • chrisnfolsom

            There are people who will call clients and have them cancel – especially Lyft drivers trying to keep their acceptance over 90% for bonuses. Long rides to areas that you have to drive back from cut your potential profits in half. We have one ride to a small town where you end up driving 35 miles round trip, 40-50 min for a $4 or even $2.50 fare – I just take the hit and don’t go there anymore on principle…

          • How is that possible you drove 35 miles for $4? I understand drivers’ frustration when we drive 15 mins to pick up a pax, only to find out it’s for a short trip.

          • chrisnfolsom

            Modesto to Turlock Ca. You drive there 18 miles pick up a rider and drive them to downtown Turlock for $4.00 of which you get $3.00. You can ride around waiting for a ride in Turlock, and might get it, but if you don’t you drive back for a 36 mile round trip and 40-50 min of time so you get $3.00 for 45min of time, 36 miles of driving, 1 gallon of gas. Interesting that the government values that same trip at $19 for deductible purposes…

        • Joey Gaska

          I am not a cherry picker, however, I picked a couple up the other night at 2 am, only to find out that their destination was 40 miles away and ended up in the country. I was totally ok with it until I realized that now I have to drive all the way back with no riders since it was then 3am in the country. I wish I would have known before I picked them up, because now I lost $$ on my drive back.. Thank you “RideOrDriveUber” for your comments about texting or calling them first.

  • Security Mom

    Thanks for this info. I need it to check that a ride isn’t too long. My husband and I only have one car, and I need to be sure I can get home in time for him to leave for his job. Yesterday I picked up a rider who was going two hours away. I just barely made it back.

    • @Security Mom, You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by… Hopefully, you use this trick next time and won’t have to drive 2 hours away… Wow, that’s a long drive, I wonder how much you made from that trip…

      • Security Mom

        $98, which helped soften my husband’s mood when I came screeching into the driveway at the last minute. I paid a bill and bought the last of the items on my Thanksgiving grocery list.

        • Wow, that’s very nice for just 1 trip… Hope you have a great Thanksgiving…

          • Security Mom

            I did, thank you. Unfortunately, I learned this doesn’t work for me. It always says something like ‘as directed’. And I’ve tested it several ways to learn that the destination has been entered, so it’s not that.

        • Peggy

          Wow, I just signed up and there would be no way I could drive a 2 hour distance trip. That would be 4 hours of driving and I have A Ford Expedition EL Limited. Gas alone would eat that price up. I’m not sure if I can even do this reading the story’s. The platform needs to require a destination and allow a destination change for the customer within a few miles of the previous. No one could pay me 50.00 to drive 4 hours, when counting wear and tear on vehicle, gas, etc.

          • @Peggy, not all trips are long distance and you don’t often get them; in fact you’ll get so many short trips most of the time. Once you get to the rider pick up location, you can ask them if they’re going far, and if it’s not suited you, you can simply ask them to cancel and request another driver.

          • Security Mom

            As I said in another post, I drive a Versa, so the gas cost wasn’t bad. But remember, this was an anomaly. If you take out that one trip, my longest drives are generally no more than forty minutes and allow me to work my way back towards home. Most are much shorter. A lot depends on where and when you drive. We have a number of colleges and universities in my area, and most of my longer trips involve running students between campuses.

          • Nice guy

            So, Uber drivers only like medium distanced rides headed in the direction of their home? Got it.

          • nice guy

            Wish every job allowed me to pick every parameter

          • Dustin Jones

            I drive with uber as a side job. I am not good at driving long distances. I can usually last about 1.5 hours before I need a quick stretch/break from driving. I do not need more than 5 minutes or so but I do need it.

            I know a passenger would not like that and that should not prevent me from being an uber driver. I take the driving very seriously and do a very good job at it.

            Now that I know this tip, if I see a very long drive I will just call the pax. Apologize and let him know I cannot make that long trip.

          • BeReal

            If you are really a “Nice guy,” please keep in mind that most drivers do this as a part-time job. They all have other responsibilities to fulfill. If you are unsatisfied, call for taxi. This is their main job. Unless you are able to emphatize with others, you are just a fake nice guy. Sincerely,

          • Dustin Jones

            Haha. That’s a funny comment. I’m a uber driver and I actually prefer the shorter drives because I like to stay downtown and close to the next pickup. I don’t mind drives a half hour away some too though. I have not had to drive more than 45 minutes though. I do think if a rider is going to be going 60 plus miles then the driver should be notified of that before hand.

            And it does suck when you have to drive 30 in the wrong direction when your about ready to go home but that’s part of the job. I get that.

            All I think is drivers should be informed before hand of 60 plus mile trips.

        • corey

          What kind of vehicle do you use and how many miles was the trip?

      • corey

        what kind of vehicle do you use and how many miles was the trip?

        • Security Mom

          Can’t remember the mileage, but it was two hours of highway driving one way. I drive a Nissan Versa, a very small car, and it gets great highway mileage so I did the round trip on less than a tank of gas.

          • corey

            So your vehicle costs around 25 cents per mile for gas/depreciation/maintence now subtract the total mileage to find out how much you really made. It’s a lot less then you may think.

          • Security Mom

            True, but I’m not doing this for a living. My husband and I are going through a rough financial patch, and I’m doing this for extra cash to cover the gap. So long term factors like depreciation aren’t an issue.

          • corey

            Oh well that’s good but according to the government you actually lost money

          • Security Mom

            Which matters to my immediate needs not at all.

          • corey

            I mean if your car is fully paid for you’re ok.

          • Randy Jacobsen

            She still averaged about 15$hr after fuel and wear and tear. Not losing money. I probably spend 20 a night in fuel and make 150-300 from 8pm to 3am and i just work friday and saturday nights doing uber and i can usually make 100 to 200 those same nights with lyft.
            Its knowing when and where to drive. If you have to commute an hr to a college town with a bunch of bars and apartments in a 10 square mile area then you can make great money.
            Say San Francisco Ca its always 3x the standard fair on every day of the week all day and drivers make 3 to 500 a day and if they work all week most make around 2 grand a week. Drive w hrs north to Sacramentk and you may not make 500 in 5 days working the same amount of hours and driving the same distance total.

    • corey

      So your vehicle costs around 35 cents per mile for gas/depreciation/maintence now subtract the total mileage to find out how much you really made. It’s a lot less then you think.

    • Alyssa

      Same. I got a request to a destination that was 3 hours away and would be another 3 hour drive back but I work in the mornings so I have to be in bed by 10 p.m. at the latest and the request came in at 6 p.m. so I had to cancel after picking them up. I felt bad but I didn’t want to be driving for 6 hours when I have to be up for my real job in the morning.

  • Justin Daniel

    Hello, I see this is an older article, do you know if this “trick” still works? Again, I’m not a cherry picker per se, but I drive in North NJ and we get alot of PAX into New York City which can be a pain sometimes especially saturday nights. AND because you need a TLC license to operate Uber in NYC I have no choice but to come back to NJ after a long trip bringing somebody to NYC. So if I just got back from a long trip to NYC I may not be in the mood to go back if it’s later at night.

    • @Justin, yeah the trick still works for me, at least here in FL… Give it a try…

      • alex_ward

        It doesn’t work for me. I want this information just for route planning purposes. I like to know before I pick up a passenger where we are heading so that I can already be plotting the quickest way to their destination. However, every time I click on the waybill, it says to get the final destination from the passenger. As soon as I acknowledge the passenger is in the vehicle on the app, it gives me the destination.

  • DrumminD21311

    I’d like to use Uber to drive people home that are on my commute in Chicago. That’s why I want to select by final destination. Can I use it for this purpose?

  • Cheryl

    The only reason I would want to know where they are going is because of the navigation. I use uber navigation & a lot of times, it maybe the shorter route, but to the passenger, they are wondering why you are going that way, like getting on a highway, when you don’t have to!

    • @Cheryl, have you tried the WAZE app for navigation? I use it myself and I like it…

  • Jessica P Navarro

    Well I started driving just 5 days ago, and I have to say that even after following these steps I’m still unable to see my riders final destination. I drive VA/DC metro area and it’s impossible that none of my riders haven’t enter their final destination. I’ve been asking for their drop off locations, and they all look at me like if I’m crazy. I find it very inconvenient specially in this area where you can hit traffic at any time. Yes, I would cancel a mile trip specially if it took me 9 minutes to get to the pick up location and my rider is not there. Is there any update on the app? I need to be able to see riders drop off location.

    • Sometimes the trick works… If you’re a new driver, there’s a possibility Uber won’t let you get access to this info. I think they look at your cancellation rate and how long you’ve been driving… If they suspect you’ll use this info to cherry pick which rides to take or not, they probably won’t let you see this info. I’m here in Florida, I’ve been able to see the driver’s destination before picking them up, I’m with Uber for almost 2 years now… Keep trying and see… try this, after you accept a request, text the passenger and say” Hi, my name is John Doe, your Uber driver, I’m on my way to pick you up, please confirm where you’re going. Thank you”

  • Bobby Paul

    Well waybill doesn’t show passenger’s final destination anymore. Any other ideas??

    • @Bobby Paul , you can try this: after you accept a request, text the passenger and say” Hi, my name is John Doe, your Uber driver, I’m on my way to pick you up, please confirm where you’re going. Thank you”

  • Crissie Rowe


    • @Crissie Rowe… I myself like long rides, but not too long though lol. The flexibility that comes with Uber is amazing…

  • john lamb

    i just started driving and i am not getting the clipboard up top, not sure why. But i take rides on mornings before i go to my regular job and i need to make sure i dont get assigned one that is a long way. Any suggestions.

  • Guy Gould

    Uber should show the riders destination so that when drivers take the long rides that go out of town, drivers can pick a fare that’s going back to where they started from.

    • I agree, drivers should know the rider’s destination before picking them up, and Uber should provide us with such info. after all Uber consider us as contractors anyway.

      • Irfan Faruki

        I know

      • Irfan Faruki

        Here’s the two tricks I use
        Try txt the Rider while enroute
        Hello John
        App not showing me yur destination where u heading to
        Most times riders respond back & tell u

        • Irfan Faruki

          Second trick
          Once u get to pickup location quickly start the trip and also keep the phone ready to quick txt the Rider
          Hello Iam here at yur location but if u don’t like the destination end the trip right away and choose do not charge Rider option & drive off and always keep doors locked in case customer try to reach the door & open.

  • Chris

    I just started using the U app a couple weeks ago, I’m a taxi guy in Park City, Utah. One of my biggest complaints is this very thing, your flying blind when taking a ride request, and this trick does not work, Uber must have caught on, I tried it 6 or more different times, says destination “as directed”

  • Jhermayne Bundy

    Unfortunately this is not the case anymore. Uber has made it that even if they enter the destination in before you accept, it will always say ‘as directed’.
    My advice, and will work in busy areas where other Uber’s are available, when you get closer to the end of your shift, you can nicely and professionally call your rider, and ask where they will be going as you are on your last ride and need to go in a certain direction for your day job. Many riders understand, cancel within 5 mins, and just order the next Uber. In my case, I am in the Minneapolis market.

  • Manuel D. Nazario

    What a crap of information. I already knew this and the app doesn’t show you the destination even if the rider set one. Why the author didn’t showed an example of the drop off address? Cause he can’t get it.

    • @Manuel, At the time this article was written, the trick worked. So many drivers abused it by cherry picking long rides over short trips and so Uber stopped it. But from time to time, the trick worked for me…

      • Manuel D. Nazario

        Aight my bad.

  • john viamontes

    You all sound like a bunch of whiners go to work for a cab company and pay 75 to 125 plus gas for 12 hours. Then come back a bitch.

  • Eva Kotsonas

    This post is old, so I’m wondering if this still works? I was planning on driving for Uber on the days that I’m in my office and have some down time. So I would actually prefer the shorter trips so I can come back and forth and stay in the area for school pick up.

    • @Eva Kotsonas, Actually it doesn’t fully work anymore, but once in a while it works, you just have to keep checking…

  • Nina Ðelatorre

    this info is old, is not working anymore this way

  • Kei Fox

    This info is helpful because I joined Uber as a driver, but wish to keep my destinations to the local area. I’ve had a long history of other jobs where driving takes me far from home, and ends up being a very long and frustrating commute home, through hours of rush hour traffic, among other unpleasantries. I’d rather work locally with short-distance assignments.

    • @Kei Fox, I’m glad you find this information useful. Thanks for stopping by…

  • Zachary Meyer

    they should have a radius bubble or something you can select for max distance. i have refused to sign in because its late at night and want a quickie before going home for the night. and afraid ill get a airport run or worse. (ie. more than an hour drive). i guess i could use destination mode. never tried it does that only give on your literal route or does it give in direction of? what about if they decide to want to go somewhere else?

    • @Zachary Meyer, it’s your vehicle, your rule. If they decide to go somewhere else, you can tell them you can’t go that far and end the trip and ask them to call another Uber.

  • Jerry Bennett

    Well, I tried this and under destination on the waybill it says to be entered, but the rider has entered a destination

  • citznfish

    Thanks for being an asshole and showing people this. We were cancelled on by 6 Uber drivers at LAX after they accepted our need for a ride. Now I know why. They didn’t want to drive the 40 miles to our home.

  • Wilfredo Biojon

    What is acceptable uber driver rating that you would not be deactivated in Philippines. Can a multiple set destination will be provided?
    Thanks a lot.God bless us all uber pattners.

  • Brett

    So basically if u dont want to drive a customer passenger a hr away or 40kms to 50kms from your house u hav no way of knowing unless u ring them so making it hard for a driver that only wants passengers for short 30 min or less trips from your own home in those directions purely as its your choice so if u r 30 mins away from your house n say in city u only want to travel as a driver north east or west but not south as u live out north of city is this possible

  • Mac

    Today is September 25, 2017. Both Uber and Lyft continually update their apps. These instructions are well-written. However, I tried this five times. Whenever I pull up the waybill, for “Destination” it says something like “Waiting for rider input”. I doubt that it is a coincidence that all four riders had not yet input their destination. I am presuming that Uber uses this as a way to prevent drivers from knowing the rider’s destination beforehand.

  • james pond

    I’d just like knowing so I can plan around it. I’ve driven people from across the street, and a block down to an hour away.
    Not that either is a problem, but sometimes I’m getting a few runs in between things.

  • Isabel

    I live at the Rio grande valley in Texas .. I had a ride request and it was to go to Matamoros Mexico. We should know where they are going to accept the trip. It was the worst experience I had as an uber driver