How to Find an Uber Rider’s Final Destination before Picking Them Up?

The Easy and Fastest Way to Find Riders Destination before Picking Them Up?

Have you ever wondered an uber rider’s final destination before you arrive at their location? I have good news for you.  You can see where your passengers are going before you arrive at the pickup location, yes there’s a way.

I will show you how and it’s easy to find out. This only works when a passenger enters his or her destination. If not, obviously there’s no way of knowing where a passenger is going if he/she hasn’t entered the final destination on the uber system.

You receive a ping request, and you accept it.

uber rider destination


Hit the clipboard in right upper corner

Uber rider final destination

Click on the waybill is in right upper corner.

You now see their pickup location, and their final destination if they entered it, and other trip info.
So you have their destination before pickup. So you can get an idea where your passenger is going.
This blog is for informational purposes only.

You can’t be cherry picking and cancelling on your passengers because they’re only going a block or two. You might accept a pax who’s only going half a mile but you never know, it might put you in a position to pick one up going 50+ miles away. Take the good with the bad.

Uber female drivers might be concerned and worried of having to go to an unsafe destination, late at night, and she’s not familiar with. So, however you chose to use this information, use it fairly, and don’t be cancelling short trips. I understand that some would use it just because they don’t want to drive 8 miles to pick up a pax for a 1 mile trip.

Remember, there’s no way of knowing where passenger is going if the pax hasn’t entered their destination on the system. If that is the case, the only way left of knowing is to actually call the passenger. Use this “Hi, I’m on my way, can you confirm where you’re going please?” It works charmingly! In my case, I accept every ride, short or long ones, I don’t care.

I met an Uber driver in Tampa FL the other night, and he asked me if I knew a way of knowing a rider’s final destination before pickup. I showed him, and here’s what he had to say after, “I won’t use it to cancel short rides, but I’ll use it to travel toward home at the end of late night shift. Sometimes a PAX will take me a long way from home and by knowing this info I can take rides in the direction of my house. “

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