how much do uber drivers make

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make?

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Do Drivers Make More Money with Lyft or Uber?

How much do Uber drivers make? The answer to this question will depend on several factors. I drive with Uber on weekends from 9pm to 3am. I choose those specific hours because it’s when there are more ride requests. When I first started with Uber, I wasn’t making that much, but enough to pay a few bills here and there.

Uber drivers can make about $20 an hour on average. Here in Tampa FL, I make between $22$24 an hour. Uber drivers in New York can make over $30 average. If you drive full-time, and depend on your location, you can make as much as $35,000 annually after all expenses.

For many people wanting to get into the world of driving and taxiing, Uber is the way forward. It offers an easy way to get work in an industry which is now almost a certainty. It also offers something that we’ll always need, and ensures that those who don’t want to be tied into a taxi firm can enjoy working for themselves – but how much do uber drivers make?

How much do uber drivers make per hour ?

The basic rate that you can walk away with, presuming you’re a good and active driver and you work hard, is around $20-25 an hour. For many people this blows away the sums they would be making with a normal taxi firm and can make sure that people are bringing in a tidy little sum whilst having a flexible schedule.

How much do uber drivers make part time?

Uber drivers can make between 350-400 dollars for a 20 hour work week.  You can as a part-time job or a full-time job, with good earning potential either way, but don’t quit your job just yet. It’s time to consider some of the more basic elements of working with Uber drivers, such as working out your per-ride cost and your general payment structure. I drive on weekends, about 16 hour or so, and I’m able to make 350 and tips not included.

Uber and Lyft are the two most popular ride sharing companies, and they are at the top with the highest number of drivers and passengers. Their popularity is the main aspect which differentiates these two companies from other ones on the market.

Riders usually request Uber or Lyft due to the availability in the area. Drivers will most likely consider the money they will earn hourly, which brings me to the question, how much do uber drivers make? As a current ride sharing driver, I can tell you that there is more than one aspect you should take into consideration before you go with Lyft or Uber as a driver.

Different Location, Different Earnings!

Both Uber and Lyft have various fares for passengers in different locations. This economic aspect cannot be omitted when you choose between Lyft and Uber, but generally speaking, they have similar price variations for each area.

Let’s see what are some of the most significant values and their tendency of getting lower or higher, according to a study made by SherpaShare last year. The following data reveals the average earning per trip in May 2015, and shows if this went up or down since January, the same year. Based on the study, we’ll be able to answer how much do uber drivers make per fare? 

how much do uber driver make

The winner for the highest gross earnings per trip is undoubtedly Uber. There are only a few regions where Lyft drivers earn more than Uber drivers, and in some of them, such as Denver and Los Angeles, the difference is insignificant – $o.01 and $0.03.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make? – What to Consider!

When you become a ride share driver for either Lyft or Uber, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How often would you drive? Where is the place that you live? Your pay is affected by the population of the city you live in, so if you live in larger cities, you probably won’t be lacking rides. But keep into account that if you live in a smaller city or rural areas, your pay can be heavily influenced no matter if you’re a Lyft or an Uber driver.

My piece of advice is that you keep a close eye on the city you are in, because as you can see, your pay can be heavily influenced by the population. I mean the more people live in a city, the more passengers that city will have.  In July 2015, Uber drivers were making a lot more money in places such as Phoenix, Seattle or Miami. In contrast to that, Lyft drivers would make a lot more money than Uber in places such as Washington D.C, Austin, and Orange County. So, the place that you’re driving is more of an influencing factor than the actual driving company.

The Cut

As you may have guessed, Uber funds itself by taking a cut of every fare. When someone takes an Uber fare they pay roughly $0.18 for every minute in the car and about $1 per mile. This varies depending on the city and the country you are doing Uber with, by the way, so don’t expect that to be exact.

You also get the Surge hours where prices go higher at certain points in the day, allowing you to get a nicer little earning. However, Uber takes $1 for your Safe Rider Fee now known booking fee, and then 20% of anything else which is going. So you would lose $0.20 for every $1 made as well as a full $1 on top. This means that you can still earn good money but you do have to pay out that little cut.

Take into account your gas expenses and you can find that the earnings are cut down ever so slightly, but if you are making on average $10/11 for every half an hour worked you’ll be making a pretty decent sum for a few hours worked.

Remember that where your location plays a major role – the Uber average is around $19/hour but in bigger cities you can easily pull in $30+ if you work hard and you choose the right times to work. In a good week you could pull in anything from $750-1000 if you work between 30 and 50 hours. That’s pretty good money, wouldn’t you agree?

How much do uber drivers make – Bonuses?

Another important aspect that may contribute to a higher income is represented by the rewards offered by the companies. If you are thinking about signing up as an Uber driver, you will be pleased to find out that any new driver has a substantial bonus of $750 for completing 100 rides before May 1, 2016.

On the other hand, Lyft also has attractive bonuses for new drivers, but they differ from region to region. However, their target is much easier to complete, as for most areas – such as Austin, Denver or Washington D.C. – you need to do only 50 rides within the first 30 days. For San Diego, San Francisco and New York City, you still need to meet a target of 100 trips. The bonuses for the new drivers who should have 50 rides range from $50 to $500, whereas those which require 100 rides are no lower than $200 and may go up to $750.

The Best Times

Many of the best times to work are Friday evening and Saturdays, but for weekdays Monday to Thursday mornings are the best bet as many people need your help getting them to work and to the airport. Use this to your advantage and you can make a bit more money during the week.

Remember that if you are a good driver and your courteous towards your passengers they might give you a little cash tip for your time.

Which Is Better?

Wages constantly change between Uber drivers and Lyft drivers, so the right question wouldn’t be “ How much do Uber drivers make ?” but rather “Which rideshare company pays more at the moment?”

Depending on the city you live or drive, being a ride share driver for Lyft or Uber can be either an exploitative labor practice or a gold mine. Be careful to track your earnings, and, depending on where you live, do your research upon which company is more convenient for you. Everything can differ from driver to driver and from place to place.