How much do Uber Drivers make in Houston

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Uber Driver Salary in Houston TX

I’m going to go over of a question that many of you from Texas are asking: how much do Uber drivers make in Houston?

If you are driving full time for Uber in Houston TX, Uber estimate that your salary is $39,780 yearly average. Well, at least that’s what Uber claims, but is it really true?

How much do Uber Drivers make in Houston ?

We estimate that an Uber driver who actually works 40 hours average per week is making 30,000 dollars a year before expenses. It’s 29,494.40 to be exact, but if we include tips, their salary can reach the 30K mark. So, how did we come up with this number?  It is based on 14.18/hr that Uber drivers in Houston TX are making.

Uber riders get charged $0.87/mile and $0.11/min, and the average trip for an Uber driver pays out $7.09 in the Houston area, and drivers reportedly complete about 2 full trips per hour (i.e., a total of $14.18/hr “that 2 trips X 7.09”).

How much do Uber drivers make in Houston after Uber take their cuts ?

This number does not include the 20-25% cut fee taken by the Uber Company.  If we include expenses of operating cost (fuel, maintenance, taxes, fares and tolls). However, Uber drivers’ salary will differ greatly, so our final estimate after expenses for an Uber driver in Houston is estimated to be $10.75/hr.

If you’re driving a hybrid or electric vehicle for Uber, maintenance and operating costs will obviously be a little bit lower.

how much do uber drivers make in houston


Best Time to drive for Uber in Houston TX.

Look guys, you’re gonna have to be smart when you drive for Uber if you want to make money. You can spend a lot of time driving and end up making jack sh**t, yep not much. You have to choose the best time to drive and not wasting your gas and time.  I’m going to go over the best time to drive for Uber in Houston, so next time when someone asks you how much do uber drivers make in Houston, and you’ll know what to tell him/her.

  • Monday –Friday: from 4am-9:30am in Houston can be the lucrative, why?  You’ll most likely find a few surges because not many drivers ubering during this time.  The possibility to make some money is wide open.
  • Monday –Friday: A friend of mine driving for Uber in Houston told me that from 4pm-9pm, it’s basically rush hour times and not many drivers like to face the hectic traffic; as a result you’ll probably see surge prices and some make some money.
  • Friday: 10pm-3am you can expect some surges, many people are trying to go out partying and after bars and clubs are closed so many of them are trying to get home at the same time.
  • Saturday:  From 10pm-3am, you’ll definitely find some surges as a lot of people want to go out.  Yes, they’ll need ride back to where they come from.
  • Sunday:  Some Uber drivers in Houston TX are claiming that from 5am-10am that they see up to 3x surge price.

Best Locations to drive for Uber in Houston TX.

Many drivers from the area are claiming the locations below are best during weekdays, Monday – Friday early Mornings as well as weekends.

Galleria: Post Oak Blvd. San Felipe St.
Downtown Houston. Louisiana St., Main St.
The Heights. Heights Blvd., E 11th St.
Midtown. Gray St., Bagby St.
Rice Village. Kirby Dr., Bissonnet St.