How do Uber drivers get paid

How Do Uber Drivers Get Paid?

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How do Uber drivers get paid – that’s a very good question to ask; especially if you’re a potential driver and thinking of joining the Uber platform.  Uber takes 20%-25% from drivers’ earnings as commissions, and then they send the remaining (75%-80%) to the drivers’ bank account. Drivers get paid in the respective country’s currency.

How do Uber drivers get paid?

  • Uber drivers are paid on a weekly basis via direct deposit into a bank account of your own choosing.
  • Drivers have the option to get paid whenever they want through the Uber Instant Pay

When do Uber drivers receive payments?

Assuming you don’t use the Instant pay feature to get paid right away. You will receive payments via direct deposit to your bank account every Wednesdays. The pay period begins and ends every Monday at 4 am. Depend on your bank institutions; sometimes you might receive payments on Thursdays. I use to receive payments on Thursdays, but lately my payment is available in my bank account on Wednesdays.

How & when you’ll receive payment statements (pay stubs)?

Uber drivers get their payment statements emailed to them every Tuesdays, but don’t be surprised if you receive your pay stubs on Wednesdays.  You can use the earnings tab in your driver app to see statements. Your payment statement will include all trips and or any bonuses, guarantees, promotions etc…

How to set up your direct deposit

After you submit your online application, you will then be asked to enter your bank account and bank routing number at It’s pretty much self explanatory; you’ll need to enter your national ID or your social security number if you’re in the USA.

Now that you set up your direct deposit there isn’t anything else required from you, just hit the road and get paid either on a weekly basis or using the instant pay.  If for any reason you want to change or update your bank account info, you can do so through the site and after you sign in, just click on EDIT.  So, again to answer your question “how do Uber drivers get paid?” well, one of the ways is through direct deposit.

What Do Uber Drivers Get Paid For

Beside how do Uber drivers get paid, the next best question should be what do they get paid for? So, as an Uber driver you’ll get paid or reimbursed for the followings:

  • Trips— obviously you’ll get paid for every trip made excluding Uber’s cut and booking fee.
  • Tolls— if you pay tolls while taking your passengers to their destinations, you’ll get reimbursed for the amount you paid.
  • Passenger referral bonuses— also known as “Rider Acquisition Reward.” Basically, you’ll get paid $5 bonus for every rider that sign up to Uber using your rider referral code after taking their first ride. (my rider referral code is YCAE8H21UE )
  • Driver referral bonuses— they’re also known as “Referral Reward.” You’ll get paid for this when a new driver signs up to drive using your referral code or link in their online application. AND they get to complete a number of trips which is varied by city.
  • guarantees/incentives/promotions
  • Cleaning fee — if an Uber rider makes a mess or puke in your vehicle, Uber will pay you a cleaning fee which is between $25 and $150.