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Drunk Girl Got Pulled Over and Requested For Uber

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I got pinged for a ride and as usual I accepted. Excited as I was, after spending more than 10 minutes without any requests, I was looking forward for the trip. As I was getting close to the pickup location, I’ve seen a bunch of police cars on at the pickup location.

At first, I thought it was a sting operation to fine uber drivers. I then realize that the city of Saint Petersburg Okayed Uber. So, my stress leveled down a little bit, but I asked myself, what was going on, why so many cop cars.

I called the rider, and asked where she was. She told me that she was coming. As she got into my car, I started the trip. She started to get emotional, and the first words that came out of her mouth were “oh my God, I could have been in jail tonight.”

I asked what was going on. She replied that she got stopped because of suspicion of driving under the influence. She started to process everything of what had happened and how she was driving drunk, and how she could have gone to jail for drunk driving. She told me of the entire drunk driving tests she went through; the breathalyzer test, the nystagmus test, stand with your feet together test etc… Yep, the whole nine yards.

Although she was remorseful and sad of what has happened, “I can hold my liquor” she said! What a stupid statement. I replied back to her, you were lucky.

It was on a Saturday night, and she was driving home from a night drinking and clubbing with her friends. She thought that she could drive herself home while she was under the influence of alcohol. She got pulled over by the city police of St. Petersburg Florida.

Uber is around, and it’s cheap; in fact it’s cheaper than ever, so it’s very hard to believe that some people are still driving around drunk.

The cops didn’t arrest her because she passed the DUI tests, but still they would not let her drive herself home because she was still under the influence of alcohol. That’s when she requested uber. I was happened to be in the area, didn’t even realize Uber had just dropped the price from $0.95 a mile to $0.65 a mile in Pinellas and Hillsborough County, but that’s another story for another time.

To get back to the story, she was pulled over by the Pinellas County police, and she was asked to call for somebody to come pick her up because she was not allowed to drive the car back home. That’s when I came in as an Uber driver.

Don’t take a chance thinking you can make it home while you knowingly aware that you’re drunk, or tipsy, whatever you want to call it. You put yourself at risk, and most importantly you put somebody else life at risk and your life.

No matter how much an Uber will cost you, whether it’s on a surge price, it’s still cheaper than a DUI and certainly than someone’s life and your life.

I drove her safely to her place, and I’m glad that she was stopped before she made a stupid mistake that could have landed her in prison, or cost somebody’s life. The fact of the matter, Uber was there for her when she needed it.

The very young beautiful lady who happened to be an uber pax was relieved that nothing happened. She promised that from now on she would request for uber, even after only 1 drink. Yeah, you got that right! She thanked me, and it was the best short trip I’ve had, knowing that I made a difference driving someone home safe.

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