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Do You Tip Your Uber Driver?

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You are now familiar to getting around via ridesharing service such as Uber and Lyft. The convenience of requesting a ride and pay for it via a Smartphone is still a new concept to many of us.  This ridesharing idea is already becoming one that is hard to imagine living without. With that being said, how often do you use Uber? And when was the last time you did tip uber drivers?

You probably do not remember!  Living in a tipping friendly environment, you tip waitresses, taxi cab drivers, valet, and even Papa johns’ drivers.  So, why do most people chose to not tip their Uber drivers?—and if you don’t tip uber driver, do you think it’s already included in the fares?

When it comes to tipping and ridesharing, just about everyone seems to be confused. A lot of people do not know the way the payment method functions for ridesharing firms, exclusively Uber.

The entire payment process occurs behind the scene that the transaction takes place within the app, so most people think a tip is already included in their fares.

Others don’t even realize that they can tip with cash, but no matter what your reasons or excuses are, Uber drivers welcome your tips—and honestly, as a current driver, this will help make or break my weekly income.

Even though there is no tipping option in the app, remember you can always tip Uber driver with cash.

Most people tend not to tip their Uber drivers, but you don’t have to be so cheap.  A couple dollars tipping shows you are grateful and acknowledge our ridesharing service just save you more than half you would normally pay for a yellow cab.

As previously stated above, many people assume that tips are already included in their fares, but we know what happens when you assume, exactly! Nothing, No tips!  UberX, UberBLACK, UberXL, Uber Select, and UberSUV do not have a tipping feature on the apps.

One of the reasons for this confusion is that when all new passengers registering with Uber they are being asked what proportion of “gratuity for Taxi” they want to include with every ride. From a drop-down menu, they can then select any amount between zero percent and thirty percent.

Many people led to believe that this choice applies to all uber rides, when it’s clearly not.  If you are reading at the fine print, it states that it’s only for the company’s “Uber Taxi” service.

Basically UberTaxi is a feature that lets ordinary passengers call or request for a traditional taxi cab with their Uber app. However, this service is not available everywhere, but only in a few cities; such as New York and San Francisco.

Although some passengers surely take pleasure in Uber’s culture that “there is no cash involved, and no tipping option on the app” most drivers feel differently. You tip uber driver because not only a few extra dollars in tipping your driver will help with weekly wages.  Drivers also appreciate being rewarded when they provide good clean quality services.

Lyft is Uber’s top competitor and it already includes a tipping option on its app. Thousands of drivers are now shouting what the hell Uber is waiting for and they want Uber to do the same as Lyft.

Some real passenger’s thoughts and concerns about Uber tipping feature. I picked up a rider who was very surprised and confused by Uber’s policy. He stated that he had just signed up for Uber and the web site states “no need to tip “He asked if tips already included?

Other passengers thought their tips were automatically calculated into their bills and were given to Uber drivers. Is this not true? They asked me! I cleared up this confusion for them by replying unless you use uberTaxi, there’s no tip included.

Uberx drivers are rarely getting any tips from riders due to this confusion. Tips are not required, but if you insist, we will gladly accept it.  These real life exchanges I have with Uber riders just underline the argument every rider’s confusion on whether or not tipping is included.

Living in the USA taught me that we are a tipping-friendly culture, that tipping is just something that we do. So do you tip Uber driver? Next time you use a ridesharing service such as Uber or Lyft—will you tip the drivers?  Do you think Uber should add a tipping feature to its app? Whether or not you agree, you should read this!

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