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Do You Tip Your Uber Driver?

You are now familiar to getting around via ridesharing service such as Uber and Lyft. The convenience of requesting a ride and pay for it via a Smartphone is still a new concept to many of us.  This ridesharing idea is already becoming one that is hard to imagine living without. With that being said, how often do you use Uber? And when was the last time you did tip uber drivers?

You probably do not remember!  Living in a tipping friendly environment, you tip waitresses, taxi cab drivers, valet, and even Papa johns’ drivers.  So, why do most people chose to not tip their Uber drivers?—and if you don’t tip uber driver, do you think it’s already included in the fares?

When it comes to tipping and ridesharing, just about everyone seems to be confused. A lot of people do not know the way the payment method functions for ridesharing firms, exclusively Uber.

The entire payment process occurs behind the scene that the transaction takes place within the app, so most people think a tip is already included in their fares.

Others don’t even realize that they can tip with cash, but no matter what your reasons or excuses are, Uber drivers welcome your tips—and honestly, as a current driver, this will help make or break my weekly income.

Even though there is no tipping option in the app, remember you can always tip Uber driver with cash.

Most people tend not to tip their Uber drivers, but you don’t have to be so cheap.  A couple dollars tipping shows you are grateful and acknowledge our ridesharing service just save you more than half you would normally pay for a yellow cab.

As previously stated above, many people assume that tips are already included in their fares, but we know what happens when you assume, exactly! Nothing, No tips!  UberX, UberBLACK, UberXL, Uber Select, and UberSUV do not have a tipping feature on the apps.

One of the reasons for this confusion is that when all new passengers registering with Uber they are being asked what proportion of “gratuity for Taxi” they want to include with every ride. From a drop-down menu, they can then select any amount between zero percent and thirty percent.

Many people led to believe that this choice applies to all uber rides, when it’s clearly not.  If you are reading at the fine print, it states that it’s only for the company’s “Uber Taxi” service.

Basically UberTaxi is a feature that lets ordinary passengers call or request for a traditional taxi cab with their Uber app. However, this service is not available everywhere, but only in a few cities; such as New York and San Francisco.

Although some passengers surely take pleasure in Uber’s culture that “there is no cash involved, and no tipping option on the app” most drivers feel differently. You tip uber driver because not only a few extra dollars in tipping your driver will help with weekly wages.  Drivers also appreciate being rewarded when they provide good clean quality services.

Lyft is Uber’s top competitor and it already includes a tipping option on its app. Thousands of drivers are now shouting what the hell Uber is waiting for and they want Uber to do the same as Lyft.

Some real passenger’s thoughts and concerns about Uber tipping feature. I picked up a rider who was very surprised and confused by Uber’s policy. He stated that he had just signed up for Uber and the web site states “no need to tip “He asked if tips already included?

Other passengers thought their tips were automatically calculated into their bills and were given to Uber drivers. Is this not true? They asked me! I cleared up this confusion for them by replying unless you use uberTaxi, there’s no tip included.

Uberx drivers are rarely getting any tips from riders due to this confusion. Tips are not required, but if you insist, we will gladly accept it.  These real life exchanges I have with Uber riders just underline the argument every rider’s confusion on whether or not tipping is included.

Living in the USA taught me that we are a tipping-friendly culture, that tipping is just something that we do. So do you tip Uber driver? Next time you use a ridesharing service such as Uber or Lyft—will you tip the drivers?  Do you think Uber should add a tipping feature to its app? Whether or not you agree, you should read this!

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  • Decksor

    I’m a Uber rider, I usually tip drivers. But I think if Uber paying its drivers fairly instead of $0.95/mile there wouldn’t be too many complaints about tipping. Drivers would care less if they were making what Uber claims they’re making,,, $90K? please!

    • UberDriver

      @Decksor, you make a very good point. But still it’s fair to say that riders should start tipping a few bucks here and there, when Uber drivers saved them at least half of what they would normally pay to a yellow cab.

      • Ana

        Yes, but shouldn’t Uber pay the drivers? They cut their rates just to attract more clients, while drivers hardly makes their car payments and beg for tip, as this article suggest. What a shame. But mark my word, after Uber will colect personal info from everyone, will increase the rates that you’ll damn miss taxis soooo much

        • UberDriver

          Ana, I think you’re right that Uber should pay the drivers, last weekend uber dropped the rates to 65 cents a mile in Tampa FL without the drivers knowledge, meanwhile Uber still get it’s 20% cut. They claimed it’s temporary to attract more riders, not exactly true. If Uber is offering discounts to riders, it shouldn’t be on the back of the drivers only, Uber could have lowered its cuts to 10%. Oh yes, Uber will raise its prices when they have a large customer base, but not higher than ridiculous taxi prices.

    • nm

      I have been working for Uber for 4 month and have completed about 900 trips. Now, I can say, that Uber is a scam. In average Uber driver gets $10-11 an hour. Pizza delivery drivers make around 12-13 including tips and driving 2 times less. There are only 2 parties that are getting benefits. Riders and Uber itself, but not drivers, that’s a fact.

      Marketing tricks that Uber use to attract drivers are absolutely pathetic.

      Lie 1: They claim that drivers would make $20 and hour (gross). By gross they mean those 25-30% that goes to Uber.

      Lie 2: Any promotions like making $20 an hour or $1000 a week or anything like this would be a gross fare and would have a lot of disclaimers, like complete 3000 trips or acceptance rate should be 95%…. Scam….In most of cases drivers are unable to complete 95% acceptance for technical reasons…App crashes, Request crashes, Riders asking you to stop by somewhere on the way and you have another request that you can not accept, so your acceptance rate is going down, etc etc…

      Lie 3: Etc etc etc

      Lie 4: Etc etc etc

      Long story short: Uber should keep drivers on minimum pay so drivers would stay on the road longer. I have been working for 10-14 hours a shift to make 160-180 gross. If i was able to do the same amount of money within 7-8 hours i would have just simply went home, coz after 8 hours of constant driving you are exhausted.

      Scam and friken old school capitalistic approach.

      • Which city you drive? You have to work smart… What I mean by smart is that if you’re working 10-14 a day you have to pick certain hours. For instance break it up, Start from 4am-10am that’s 6 hours, during those hours you’ll most likely get airport runs, and you’ll mostly receive tips from those pax. And then drive from 6pm -10pm that’s a total of 10 hours for the day… And if it’s on weekend you can do 7pm – 3:00am. If you break up your hours like describe above instead of working 10-14 hours straight/ day and you’ll notice the difference. I just wrote an article on “the best time to drive for uber” I think you might find it useful, http://rideordriveuber.com/best-time-to-drive-for-uber/

    • Drivers can no longer make a living driving for Uber and Lyft. It is recommended only for making “extra income” outside of the driver’s full-time job. $90K! If you’re interested, I have some land I could sell you …

  • SDD

    Thank you for this. I have a good friend who is a driver and gets 4 and 5 stars for ratings and has never been tipped. It is understandable if people think it is included, but I believe most experienced Uber riders know that it is not! How Tacky!!!

    • UberDriver

      @SDD most people think tips are included, that’s why it’s important for drivers to educate the riders on the subject. Thanks for stopping by…

  • rod

    I always tip Uber drivers most of my rides are $5 to $7…so my tip is not based on percentage but service and never less than $2. I know what as little as that much, means to someone.

    • UberDriver

      Hey Rod, Thanks for tipping uber drivers, we appreciate your tips.

  • Jan

    I have been an UBER driver for 1 week. So far I got $16 in tips in my first 7 days of driving. I was tickled pink and did a mental “happy dance” each time I was handed a little cash. I thanked the rider and it made me feel good knowing they felt I deserved it. I wish more riders would tip even if it’s a buck or two. In any case, I have enjoyed my first week and look forward to more.

    • UberDriver

      Hello Jan, it’s always feeling good when riders who appreciation toward uber drivers, after all we save them half of the money they would normally pay a taxi cab. I do the happy dance sometimes too… lol

  • Maddie Mahoney

    I always tip, unless the experience is just awful. I feel like they almost always deserve the tip and it’s just the right thing to do.

  • B

    Drivers should take it up with Uber – unionize, or whatever. I almost never carry cash. It’s waste. ATM fees, lost change, etc. Going cashless is optimal for personal finance and budgeting these days. Also for business – Uber is directly tied to my company Amex, no need to keep track of taxi receipts or get cash reimbursement from company. I use Uber a lot. Went from renting cars on business trips to Uber. Started staying further outside cities for events knowing I could easily zip into a town without dealing with the taxi-world-nightmare (never showing up, late, tipping, cash, “no credit card machine working today” and credit card numbers being stolen and abused by drivers with the carbon copy rollers).

    If your service was solid, I give a 5-star rating. That is the premise of Uber for the user. Remover cash and the thought of money from the equation, and I’m a happier customer. Arrive at my destination, and I get to bolt up to my meetings or whatever… there is a massive power in this concept and Uber knows it. That’s why people use the ridesharing service way more than they ever did taxis. That’s why people are ditching their cars and taking Uber instead.

    The whole premise that Uber drivers should be tipped is symptom of drivers not organizing together and pushing Uber for higher fees. I’d be happy to pay 10% or 20% more as a standard rate than to rely on tipping as the way to pay drivers for this service. Tipping is antiquated and should go away. It’s a drag on the economy on both sides of the equation – not to mention unreported to the government which means that service industry folks aren’t paying their fair share (mostly).

    • Hi B, thanks for stopping by. If Uber drivers were making a lot of money as Uber claimed, they wouldn’t be complaining for tips. Uber need to raise the rates, did you know in cities like Detroit, drivers get paid only 30 cents a mile? I think Uber is to blame, drivers have been asking Uber to add a tipping feature on their app just like Lyft for a long time now, and still nothing. I think Uber passengers can afford to pay a little bit more, after all uber rates is 55-65% less than taxi cabs.

  • hackel

    Get someone to proofread your broken English next time before you publish an article. This was an embarrassment. Grammar isn’t that hard, really.

    • Over 2200 people read this article, and so far you’re the only one that seems to think so Genius! Oh by the way, you misspelled “proofraed” and “embarassment” it goes like this “proofread” and “embarrassment. Thanks for stopping by.

  • MarkR307

    I don’t use cash for anything these days. So, if I started tipping Uber drivers, I’d have to start carrying cash, remember to go to the ATM from time to time, etc. Very inconvenient. Why not just raise the rates by 20%, if drivers don’t make enough money. Or switch to Lyft, if you prefer to receive tips. I always tip Lyft drivers, since it’s easy and part of the system.

    • Uber is more popular than Lyft, and so there’s more business with Uber. Although Lyft has a tipping feature on their app, but as a driver you don’t get that many rides. Yes, you’re right that Uber need to raise the rates, it’s ridiculous in some cities that price as as low 30 cents a mile (Detroit). You don’t have to tip everytime, but one of those days, if you happen to have cash, just of thinking tipping the uber drivers.

      • MarkR307

        I hate tipping as a second transaction. Here is the deal – I will either do one of the two things:
        1) switch to Lyft and never user Uber again (unless in an emergency where Lyft doesn’t work)
        2) ride Uber and let you guys figure it out between you and your company.

        which do you prefer?

        • Of course I want you to continue to use Uber, more business more money! It’s Uber I blame, not only they don’t have a tipping feature on their app, and they give the riders the intention that tips already included.

          • MarkR307

            it’s a deal.

        • Drako Marley

          just so you know lyft actually pays its drivers… sometimes over 2x what uber pays them for the exact same ride. its no surprise uber is more popular its cheaper and people dont like spending money they could give 2 shits about the people driving them around for next to nothing.

          • I think you made your point, Most uber riders don’t like to tip even when they’re saving a lot on cheap uber rides.

        • Jessica Katz

          Drive yourself

          • MarkR307

            I usually do.

        • Please, please, please use Lyft and leave a tip. Don’t use Uber if you won’t tip. Ask drivers if they have a way of collecting tips through credit cards on their own. Many have a Square or PayPal credit card reader that connects to their phone. Uber drivers have no leverage to convince Uber to allow tipping inside the app. Uber is the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and have made it clear recently that they will NOT add a tipping feature. It seems most drivers drive for both companies – so give the driver a break and use Lyft if that’s the only way you’ll leave a tip. Don’t you tip taxi drivers? Why would Uber tip its drivers for you? In Phoenix, drivers keep 75-80% of the money Uber makes. That does not include the $1.50 base fee or “safe rider” fee. Uber keeps all of that. The driver only gets 75% (80% if they signed up to drive before the 3rd quarter last year) of the $0.90 per mile charge. That’s why Uber is cycling through so many drivers. Once a driver learns that they are actually paying Uber to allow them to drive for them, the driver runs away, fast! Lyft’s rates are almost identical, but people still rarely tip. In Phoenix, you can’t stay busy driving only for Lyft. I have friends who refuse to use Uber or Lyft because they don’t want to be even remotely connected to a multi-billion dollar company that pays it’s drivers so little. It is a huge scam, like Trump University, and will not go unregulated for much longer.

          • MarkR307

            got2be: I haven’t taken a taxi in ages, but yes I always tipped them. You are succeeding in convincing me that I shouldn’t use Uber, but should use Lyft instead. As for figuring out an additional transaction to pay a couple of bucks, that just wastes my VALUABLE time – it’s not a matter of money. Then I’d just rather take Lyft and pay the standard 15% tip after I exit the car, and be done with it.

            Just to clarify: I do not tip because I feel like being nice that day. I tip because I understand it to be part of the price. It has nothing to do with my mood, the drivers mood, the barometric pressure, etc etc. In Lyft, I understand it to be part of the price. I always understood that Uber was explicitly a tip-less service, and therefore NOT part of the price. If I switch to Lyft, it is because I become convinced that Uber drivers are not being treated fairly by their company.

          • @MarkR307 We’re not asking you to carry cash just for the sole purpose to tip Uber drivers, but if at anytime you happen to have a few dollars in your pocket, just tip the drivers. At the end of the day Uber drivers are saving you hundreds compare to taxis…

          • MarkR307

            I can’t work this way. It’s either a tipped service, or it is a non-tipped service. Make up your minds!

            Otherwise it’s just too confusing and frustrating: what happens during all those times when I didn’t happen to have cash to tip an Uber driver? It makes me a cheap passenger doesn’t it?

          • Sounds like you’re a Democrat lol. If Uber drivers were making so much money as Uber claimed, why would they’re asking for tips? Exactly! Uber lied from the start. Wonder why they won’t add a tipping feature? It’s probably they won’t be able to get 25% cut from it.

          • Sounds like you’re a Democrat lol. If Uber drivers were making so much money as Uber claimed, why would they’re asking for tips? Exactly! Uber lied from the start. Wonder why they won’t add a tipping feature? It’s probably they won’t be able to get 25% cut from it.

          • Why do you think I’m a democrat? Is it because I’m not an asshole? Yes, I am a DEMOCRAT! As the saying goes “Even Trump tips his drivers.” For any drivers reading this, you can buy the sticker from Sherpashare.

          • Probably because you said Trump University is a scam, republicans have hard times believing that… Are you talking about the Uber sticker? how much is it?

          • The Trump tip sticker is $9.00. Here’s a link to the store page and a screenshot of the sticker. This sticker is made and sold by Sherpashare.com, not me.

            https://www.sherpashare.com/store/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/71878d55e60d0150ddc3110fd7f4a6648b477f2614c261ebbed8ecd452802541.png

            I categorize Trump University with all the other “buy cheap, sell high” and house flipping commercials that run on TV at 2 am. It reminds me of the end of the movie Wolf of Wall Street.

    • If you want to stay cashless and still tip usethanks.com

      • Thanks, I’ll check it out… Have you used it before?

        • I have. It works great and is completely free. In the spirit of full disclosure however, I created the app so I may be biased 😉

      • MarkR307

        no I don’t want to fumble with a second transaction, it just wastes more time, negotiating with the driver exactly how we’re going to transfer a few dollars, etc. If I decide that I absolutely have to tip, I will just use Lyft instead – they make it easy.

    • Vannessa

      Lyft isn’t available where I am only uber so some of us have no choice! Plus we can’t just raise our rates that’s completely up to the company so once again us drivers are stuck

      • Which city is that?

      • MarkR307

        if Uber was the only option in my city, sure, I would consider tipping Uber drivers. But in my city, Lyft is available; since Uber drivers are driving Uber and not Lyft, they’re making the choice of working for the company which makes it difficult for passengers to give tips. Therefore they shouldn’t complain about not getting tips.

        • Jessica Katz

          How often do you seriously tip?
          I am a Lyft driver

          • MarkR307

            When I take Lyft, I tip by rounding it to nearest number close to 20% of the amount. I do this every time. I don’t know if that is considered a “serious tip”, but I figure I’m reasonable. With Uber, I do not tip at all – there is no convenient way to do it.

          • Jessica Katz

            I want to thank you for tipping your Lyft drivers. I wish there were more passengers like you.

          • MarkR307

            so you see, if I’m not tipping Uber drivers, it’s because it’s very inconvenient to do that. Carry cash, or use one of those secondary electronic transfer systems people mentioned in this discussion, to transfer a few dollars. Uber drivers should complain to their company, and not to their passengers.

            Ultimately, I would prefer a non-tipping system, in which drivers make enough money without having to be tipped as an expected part of their earnings.

          • The general rule in the U.S. is to tip 10-15% for the service industry. The exception is 15-20% at full-service restaurants. If the service sucked, don’t tip. If it was okay, use the lower number. If it was great, leave the higher amount. If you don’t tip, don’t use the service. This is nothing new, people!

          • MarkR307

            great, I can adjust to 15%!

        • Aaron Sloan

          You are the type pf person that Uber drivers HATE! get serious. Nobody carries zero cash on them, and after knowing this now , then how hard would it be to carry 30 bucks or so on you so that you can at least tip even 3 dollars a ride. this would make any driver really happy to get even any tip period. I have done over 1000 trips and have been tipped maybe 40 times tops. Just cheap pricks like you, who probably tip like crap at restaurants as well. Cheapskate!

          • MarkR307

            Aaron Sloan: You’re the type of driver I’d rather not get involved with. That’s why I am considering entirely switching to Lyft. Yes it is hard to carry 30 bucks, because Uber would be the ONLY reason I would have to carry cash these days. You’re asking me to make an extra trip to the bank wasting my valuable time, just because your stupid company doesn’t pay you enough so you have to lash out at your riders. At restaurants I tip exactly 20%, no more, no less.

          • @MarkR307 We’re not asking you to carry cash just for the sole purpose to tip Uber drivers, but if at anytime you happen to have a few dollars in your pocket, just tip the drivers. At the end of the day Uber drivers are saving you hundreds compare to taxis…

          • Alex

            In my experience driving for uber I have seen the worst offenders for not tipping are the very same people who rely on tips. Restaurant servers, bartenders etc. Some of them are such hypocrites, espect you to tip them when you dine at their restaurants, but do not tip you when you pick them up at the end of their shift and by the way you know they have cash with them.

          • MarkR307

            I just hate the whole tipping system. I would rather pay the advertised price, and not have to worry if I need to leave “extra” or not. If the price is too low for the work performed, fine, I’m willing to pay what is fair; but include it in the price up front, and be done with it!

      • Sooner or later I think Uber is gonna have to raise the rates back up. Here in Tampa FL, it was 92 cents per mile, and Uber dropped it to 65 cents, and they’re started to lose drivers real fast, and Uber decide to raise it now to 80 cents. It’s still low, but it’s way better than 65 cents.

  • Max Ghenis

    Given Uber’s recent settlement permitting CA and MA drivers to solicit tips, I wanted to call out research that African-American taxi drivers are tipped 1/3 less than their white counterparts. By my estimates the settlement provision could cost black Uber drivers hundreds of dollars per year: https://medium.com/@MaxGhenis/ubers-tipping-settlement-will-reduce-earnings-of-african-american-drivers-92f3f35cf9e#.uwa6nlk1f

    • I can tell you, I receive tips mosly from Whites… Almost a year with Uber, only once a black lady tipped me $3.00. Whites tipped me real well, $30, $20…

      • Max Ghenis

        The same research does also find that black riders tip less, but that “Both black and white passengers participated in the discrimination against black drivers.” http://www.yalelawjournal.org/essay/to-insure-prejudice-racial-disparities-in-taxicab-tipping

        • It’s possible that black drivers will receive less tips, but I don’t think it has only to do with discrimination. It depends on the passengers you’re picking up mostly. I Uber in different cities in FL, In Both St. Pete and Sarasota area, I tend to receive tips, meanwhile in Tampa Fl, most of the time I receive nothing for the whole night. If you’re picking up college students, expect no tips… lol… but we’ll see with Uber if drivers will receive less tips.

          • Max Ghenis

            The Yale study was conducted in New Haven, a fairly homogenous area, and controlled for several factors such as estimated rider wealth. Studies from restaurants have found the same discrimination, and were conducted within-restaurant, also controlling for several other factors. The literature is extremely clear: consumers discriminate against black service providers in tipping.

  • Phil

    I use Uber for the interface and the fsct that I never carry money, if I cant tip through the app, I cant do it.

    That being said, the way uber fares is ride sharing. Tipping would then make it a taxi service and make your salary a tip déductible one.

    The thing is you dont declare your tips, or regulations vary, but here, I really dont think drivers want what goes with tipping. Why do you think the feature is there for taxi? Because they are taxi and pay taxes.

    • Lyft is a ridesharing company and it has a tipping feature. I blame Uber for making riders believe that tips are included, and for not allowing riders to tip driver through the app. Rideshare drivers pay taxes too…

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  • Thejedhi

    I drive and I don’t take tips. I’ve even posted a small sign. I don’t want to deal with cash and risk being robbed so I just don’t go there.

    • @Thejedhi, wow that’s a first! I’ve never heard any Uber drivers who don’t want tips! But I understand your reason, safety is always a priority…