Uber Access, UberWAV, UberAssist

Difference between Uber Access, UberWAV, and UberAssist

We may have our disagreement about Uber. I think we can all agree that one of the best things about the Uber service platform has been their continual search for growth and improvement. It’s a major part of the company and one of the big reasons why they have become such a useful part of the transportation industry today. Uber Access is just another part of a long line of different options that Uber has come up with over the years to offer. It’s  a simple, easy and very effective path to tangible travel for those who struggle to get around.

Not only does Uber Access provide you with an easier route to building up your selections for travel.  It also makes it easier for you to start changing and transforming the very essence of how you get around.

What is Uber Access

Uber Access was formed to help those with disabilities and needs to get the same quality of private travel that others can get access to. One of the major limitations of Uber so far was its inability to cater to those with special requirements.

Now, that is changing and making a much better way for those without the same liberties as others to get around the cities they live in without problems.

Transportation has to be more accessible and more enjoyable than before, and that shines through when it comes to Uber Access. It provides easy and effective features such as:

  • Voice Over Technology. This allows for easy use for those with limited vision, or are fully blind. The braille on the display is compatible for those with blindness for easy usage, and it also makes it easy for accessibility using the voice-over tech or braille reading.
  • Cashless Payment. Want to make sure you are paying the right amount? You can use cashless payment to make sure you don’t need to exchange bills with a driver and worry about being ripped off.
  • A real-time GPS is used by all Uber Access vehicles so that the loved ones of the disabled person can keep up to date with where they are at all times during their journey.
  • On-Demand. Unlike other users, those with disability can ask for a car on-demand, when it’s needed, saving the need to try and pre-book in advance of time when you might not be 100% sure if you are going to be ready.
  • Wheelchair accessibility is becoming a major part of Uber Access to, and is improving all the time. This makes it easier for people who have limited mobility to get in and out of their transport without fear of being made uncomfortable for the journey.
  • Improved Audio. For those who are deaf or have limited hearing, solutions are provided to help make sure that audio is not needed to make the booking or to use the device. Items such a visible and even vibrating alerts can be provided to ensure nothing has to be missed.

With all this in mind, then, it’s hard to see the downside to using something as effective and easy as Uber Access. It’s simple, effective and a revolution for those who want private travel witUber access is one of the most recent features and it was specifically designed for those with disabilities. The UberAccess service comes with two different vehicle options, UberWAV and UberAssist.

Difference between UberWAV and UberAssist

Uber access is one of the most recent features and it’s made available for those with disabilities. The UberAccess service comes with two different vehicle options, UberWAV and UberAssist.

UberWAV – It’s one of the two vehicle options available under the Uber access service. The vehicles are wheelchair accessible and come with ramps or hydraulic lifts to facilitate the transportation for disabled people. In fact the WAV from the UberWAV stands for Wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Uber is making a difference by transforming disabled transit and make it convenient for those with disabilities or special needs to request rides. Drivers of these vehicles are well-informed of accessibility needs and they help with the accommodation to passengers with disabilities.

UberAssist – This option doesn’t come with accessible ramps. It is designed to accommodate those who need additional assistance; such as the senior community. Drivers of these vehicles help with walkers, scooters, and folding chairs etc…

The UberAssist drivers receive training and so they are very knowledgeable about the safety requirements for those with accessibility needs.

Uber Access is available in the following cities:

As of today the UberAcess service is available in the following cities cited below. I will continue to update the list as soon the information becomes available.

  • Chicago IL
  • Houston TX
  • Los Angeles CA
  • New York – Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, NY citiy and in Manhattan
  • Portland OR
  • San Francisco CA
  • Seattle WA

How to request an UberAccess vehicle:

  1. Open your Uber rider app.
  2. Slide to the access vehicle option at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose one of the 2 available options, UberWAV or UberAssist.
  4. Pinpoint your location and request your ride.

Examples of types of Vehicles Available:

  • Ford Transit Connect
  • Ford E-150
  • Chrysler Town & Country

How much Does UberAccess Cost?

Obviously the rates are varied by city and they depend on the type of vehicle requested and at the time. The base price is $14 and the minimum fare is $25 for the Ford E-150. The other available rides can cost anywhere from $7 and up to $15.

I’m glad Uber made this Uber service part of their platform and made it possible for those who need it and will actually use it. I can’t tell you how many passengers I’ve been picking up on Wheelchairs lately. I sometimes wonder if Uber would come up with something more feasible that can actually help transfer the handicapped more comfortably, and they came through on this. With the Uber access service, our beloved and disable individuals know that there are options available to them, although this option is not nationally available yet, it’s only a matter of time before this option is available in every U.S cities and around the world.