If you were the CEO of Uber what would you implement/change?

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As one of the largest, most respected and innovative companies on the planet today, Uber has helped to form an entire market on its own. Public transport and private transport have both aligned together to try and ram them off the road, but it’s yet to have the desired effect. Instead, what many people think of when they look at Uber is the things that they would add. It’s not what already exists within Uber that is the problem, but the missing pieces that could make it a masterful app to use.

So, if you were the CEO of Uber, what would you implement or change? Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly desires that, hopefully, Uber will look to put in place in the years to come.

This all comes after a rather explosive video of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was released. In the video, Kalanick winds up embroiled in a rather awkward argument with the Uber driver, Fawzi Kamel. While Kalanick has apologized for his (awful) treatment of the driver, and props to him for that, it’s still led many people to wonder about what they would look to implement if they were to be in the same position themselves in time.

Greater Accountability

One of the major changes is to make sure that Uber can start providing better accountability for its actions. When incidents occur, few companies are quite so quick to distance themselves from the action as Uber. It’s a trait that, if the company wants to try and recover from a tough year in terms of reputational damage, they should be looking to improve.

Many people feel that if they were in charge of Uber, they would be taking more responsibility for problems that take place. They could also be a bit easier to deal with when it comes to making company changes. As you can see in the above video, Uber isn’t the kind of company that tends to respond to challenges very well – that has to change if it wants to maintain its positive growth.


The tipping system on Uber is, frankly, rancid. It has to change. Drivers put in a huge amount of work with Uber but get nothing like the same kind of benefits as they can when working elsewhere. While Uber has many benefits, it also has some significant drawbacks – and the tipping system is one of them.

Drivers who go above and beyond should be able to get a tip, the same way as anyone else who does good work in this world can. A failure to change tips is pretty drastic.


Passengers should come with ratings, too. A major gripe for drivers is that they can be voted down and have their reputation attacked, with no right of reply. Call it blunt, some passengers can be horrible. They should be flagged for their toxic attitude and their propensity to expect more than they should.

For Uber drivers, it would be good to be able to provide some kind of defence when someone ravages their Uber ratings.

Outside of these major changes that Uber should definitely look to implement, what would you look to change if you were given the ‘keys to the castle’ at Uber Towers?