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Can I tip Uber Driver Using the App?

Last Updated on by B. Thermidor

Sure, you can now tip Uber drivers through the Uber app, no more “I don’t carry cash on me” excuses! It’s cashless and you are free to tip, though it’s not an obligation, and guess what, Uber drivers will welcome your tips anytime.

Uber drivers need to update their Uber driving app in order to be able to receive tips. Uber riders will have to update the rider app to have the option to give tips to their drivers.

Tipping your Uber driver is now easy as 1,2,3. Here’s how to do it, at the end of your trip, you’ll be asked to rate your driver as usual, and after you do so you’ll be given the option to tip your driver.

What if you don’t have enough money that day on your account to tip your driver, but you really want to? Don’t worry, you have options available to you to tip on a past trip through the app, and you can do so on riders.uber.com as well, and surprisingly you still can do so from your emailed trip receipt.

To tip on a past trip through the app or riders.uber.com
• Select the trip from your trip history
• Then click “Add a tip”

To tip from the emailed trip receipt sent to you, the option to click “Add a tip” will be seen and available to you.

Obviously, you still can tip your Uber drivers with cash, and if you happen not carrying cash on you that day, you still have 30 days to add a tip through the Uber rider app and on riders.uber.com

If you split a fare between your friends, Uber will only allow the original rider to have the option to add a tip to the driver. Having said that, the tip will not be split with the other passengers, so don’t worry if your friend is a big tipper lol. Oh, by the way, Uber doesn’t take service fee on tips, I’m surprised!

So, how much should you tip Uber drivers?
Frankly, it’s up to you. You give the option to tip $1, $2, or a custom amount to your Uber drivers. It’s recommended to tip %15-25% at restaurants, but Uber isn’t a restaurant, it’s simply a rideshare service. Give what you can when you can and drivers will surely appreciate the gesture.

You can now tip Uber drivers in select cities through the App
Uber tipping option with the app isn’t available everywhere yet, but expected to by the end of July 2017 or early of the month of August 2017.
Note, make sure you update your Uber app and you’ll be able to see the tipping option.