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The Best Time To Drive For Uber

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What Is The Best Time Of Day To Drive For Uber?

The best time to drive for Uber depends on what city you are in.  Nowadays, people are inclined to do exactly the same things every day at the same time almost ritualistically. In the morning they go to their jobs.  In the middle of the day, they run a few errands, and they always end up going home in the evening. And at night, they frequently go back out again, often to a restaurant or bars to meet up with their friends and then finally home again.

Here in Tampa FL, like most cities in the US, people do all these things cited above as well as go on to other bars and clubs during the night, especially on the weekend. Thursday is much like a drinking rehearsal in that there are many young college students out practicing their drinking and getting ready for the weekend, and are excited to get a head start.  Meanwhile on Sunday they are eager to quit because they have to go back to their job the next day.

So, you can change your work habits as an Uber driver to match with the behavior that most people in the city you drive for Uber live their lives by.  Don’t believe on the statistics that Uber use for promotions to make you believe that the best hours to drive for Uber are from seven to nine in the morning (7am-9am)  and then again from four to seven in the evening (4pm-7pm) and so on. These recommendations are not based on the result of actual experience but solely on collections of data.

Most profitable times to drive for Uber

Like I said it depends on the city you pick to drive for Uber and it also depends on your market. I’ve found these times cited below to be most profitable and I suspect that most Uber drivers would agree.

Monday –Friday:

Monday –Friday: 4am-9:30am (You might find a surge or two, most drivers don’t drive for Uber early mornings)
Monday –Friday: 4pm-9pm (It’s rush hours and not many drivers like work during these hours due to too much traffic; as a result you’ll probably see surge prices.)
Friday: 9pm-3am (expect some surges)
Saturday: 9pm-3am (expect price surge)
Sunday:  6am-10am  (it’s Sunday and it’s early morning, don’t be surprised if you see  2x surge)

I would add though, that it also depends on the drivers’ personal preferences.  I mean some rideshare drivers don’t like to drive on Friday and Saturday nights because they find that they have no tolerance for drunk people.

Drive for Uber – Morning Airport Runs

A friend of mine drives during early mornings and he gets a lot of request from a lot of riders that are going to the airport.  I know it’s not an easy thing to wake up at four in the morning to drive for Uber, but if you’re an early riser, you can make a lot of money driving for Uber during those hours on airport runs.

Drive with Uber for airport pickups

Sometimes I do airport pickups, and I find it can be profitable.  Make sure that Uber drivers are allowed to pick up passengers at the airport you are in.  And if they do allow Uber drivers, make sure you’re familiar with the airport rules and regulations for picking up passengers. For instance, in Sarasota Fl, there’s a designated area to pick up passengers, and it’s the “short term parking” area.  A driver I met last week almost got ticketed for picking up a rider at the airport arrivals.  So, with that being said make sure you find out where you’re allowed to pick up passengers if you do airport pickups.

Drive for Uber during surge times

If you are talking “work less for more”, you want to drive when there is surge which could be anytime. Where I drive (Tampa, Sarasota, and Saint Petersburg FL) surge occurs most often at rush hour, and special events like sports, concerts or conventions. Although surge is more profitable but your uber driver ratings can drop significantly. Uber riders tend to take it out on the drivers when they’re paying more than they usually pay due to surge prices.  You will have to be patient and lucky to get a lot of surges; unless you drive on specific times I mentioned above.

From my experience as an Uber driver, you will find that the best time to drive for Uber depends on your knowledge of the city chose to drive, your intuition, and most importantly your luck and patience.

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