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5 Reasons to Become an Uber Driver

Last Updated on by B. Thermidor

Uber’s use of technology to connect drivers and customers is revolutionary in the transport industry. Faced with massive revolts in its early days, many are now warming up to the idea to become Uber driver(s).

For those who don’t know what Uber is all about, let me put it this way, Uber can help you get from point A to point B without having to pay for your ride using cash. You request a ride, and pay for it through an app.

Here are 5 reasons to become Uber driver(s) in your locality or anywhere else in the world.

Easy Job to Get

Unlike many of the jobs posted, it has minimal requirements to become a rideshare driver. You are required to apply and pass specific criteria to become an Uber driver.

Uber looks for safety as the key qualification followed by good customer service skills.

Other criteria include passing an Uber background check, be at least 21 years old, own a modern car, poses no significant motor vehicle accidents and have valid and standard owner auto insurance.

Become Uber Driver – Referral Bonuses

Uber offers bonuses for every new drivers who sign-up using a referral link and incentives to those who refer the new drivers through their referral link. This is a tactic to keep their driver numbers high while at the same time retain the competition at bay. This way they protect the customer from surge prices by having the biggest percentage of drivers under their brand.

These bonuses are available when you or the individual you refer make a certain amount of rides in a given period.

Flexible Schedule

The flexibility found in the Uber platform is incredible. As an Uber driver, you can plan your trips around your other tasks so that you have time to plan your other responsibilities and activities.

This is an advantage for driving for Uber since you can work as long as you want whenever you want.

Get Paid Weekly or Daily!

You get your earnings on a weekly basis. Uber sends out payments every Wednesday of the week if you opt for direct deposit. Other payment option includes transferring your money on a daily basis and up to three times a day. This payment option is called Uber instant pay; you can use it to get paid whenever you want.


This is both a good as well as it is a bad reason. The good is that being an Uber driver, you get to plan your downtime to go for a relaxing walk, lunch or even have a nap. You get to plan when you want to have your down time.

However, you are losing income by being on downtime. So be wise on when to take your breaks.

To become Uber driver(s) is proving to be one of the best ways to earn a living, part time, as well as full time. It all comes down to the number of rides you complete to get the money you want.