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8 Must Have Apps for Uber Partners

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Must-Have Apps for Uber Partners

Ridesharing companies such as Uber have revealed how important apps are when it comes to being part of the Uber family.  You have to understand that as one of many Uber partners you are expected to be the best driver that you can be. This means ensuring you have a car which is fit with all of the best apps and software to help improve the user interface for your riders. In the future you will need to keep up-to-date with the best features and apps that can change and improve the level of consistency and quality that you will provide as an Uber driver.

Are you scared that the service you might be provided as Uber partners might not be up to par? Then we’ve put together a list of 8 must have apps that will improve the quality of your service as well as your uber ratings.

Google Maps for Uber Partners

An absolute must for anyone who wants a good navigation system to use.  This is a favorite for just about all Uber partners. This app provides  a simple and easy to use map interface that isn’t going to clog your screen up with inconsequential details and pointless info. It provides useful features such as alternative routes and real-time traffic, along with an ETA.

The app is very useful as well for having an address search function, so when you have a passenger just telling you to go to “X Street” you can take them there with relative ease. Again, an absolute must have for all Uber partners who need navigation assistance consistently.

Stride Drive

Stride Drive is as incredibly important to your long-term progression as one of the Uber partners on the road. This means you can tally up your miles as you drive, which means you can save a hell of a lot of money every day in taxable income. With about $0.54 deducted for every mile driven, you could be adding up as much as $100 a day in deductions!

Also, you now have a much easier way of tracking expenses and making sure you can show total proof of your earnings, your expenses, and all the other juicy financial details needed.


Trying to get involved as one of the Uber partners who handles airport runs on are regular basis? Then it helps to know the best times and locations for local flights. The latest developments at nearby airports helps you be the Uber driver who can help out for those who have everything from arrivals and departures to delays and other factors to contend with.

This will really keep you on the right path towards success, ensuring you can save lots of time and also make sure you are going to be ready to get anyone who is going to be stuck around, bagging some nice tips along the way!


Another great tool to go for today is Honk.

Honk makes it easy for Uber partners to stay on track and hit the right targets via simple roadside help. At just $50 you can give yourself roadside help for everything from your car breaking down to locking your keys in the car itself.

Right down to flat tires and other problems, you can make sure that you don’t have to deal with some other roadside plan such as the AAA. So long as you have battery life, Honk can save you lots of money from an AAA subscription or whatever – this is like a third-party system instead!


This is another great tool, and can help you “predict” the weather. It’s known for improving your accuracy and quality of driving on the road is. As an Uber partner, it can help to know what is coming as far as bad or good weather. And if bad weather kicks in, you’d already prepare to help people out get to their destination etc… Just as the dark clouds roll in, and nab yourself a few good fares along the way!

Always make sure that you have a car capable of handling the weather you intend to drive in, though. Get it prepared for bad weather and AccuWeather can help your winter driving become profitable!

Gas Buddy

Worried about rattling through your weekly set gas allowance? Then you can turn to the lovely Gas Buddy for a bit of assistance, knowledge and stats to help avoid this problem. As your major expense, you will be filling up several times every day. By using Gas Buddy you can find an aggregated range of gas prices from all around you, helping you filter by fuel type and distance.

This means you can get far more effective prices for your gas – it might only help you save a couple of dollars per day, but add that up over the month instead.


No good driver goes around without music on – and Spotify makes it easier than ever to find quality music to listen to as you drive. For just $10/month you can pick from ten million songs and give your riders a lot of great music to listen to.

This helps for those especially quiet passengers or those who don’t seem to want to talk to you at all. With custom playlists that can be uploaded over your Wi-Fi at home, too, you can have it all ready to go long before you actually start driving, creating an easy way to entertain.


Another very important tool to have on your side is that of Quickbooks. As an Uber partner you have to take care of yourself – you are basically self-employed here. From this point on you want to make sure you have all the info and details you could need. By syncing directly to your bank account, as well, Quickbooks is perfect for all Uber partners who want to keep everything on track financially.

From logging mileage to creating receipts you can make sure your tax returns will take hours, not days, to put through with so many useful financial features.

As you can see there is a major, major level of difference between just using the Uber app for work, and using the Uber app alongside other apps. With these list of services and add-ons you are far more likely to become the best Uber partner that you can, prolonging your experience!