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6 Ways to Improve Your Uber Passenger Rating!

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How to Improve Uber Passenger Rating!

As a current Uber driver in Tampa, Sarasota, and St Petersburg FL, I want to share my thoughts on what can cause your Uber passenger rating to go down quickly.  On the other hand, I will give a few tips on how you can get your rating to go up and keeping it up from now on.

Uber riders with 4.7 to 5.0 star ratings have nothing to worry about, but riders with much more lower ratings than cited above are at risk of having drivers cancelling their ride request. This friend will leave you with longer waiting times; especially late at night, as a rider you don’t want to be in this situation.  Besides, if a uber passenger rating drops too low, they’re at risk of being cancelled from Uber.

Be ready and on time

Try to be on time; in fact only request a ride when you are ready to go. Drivers don’t like waiting for a long period of times waiting for pax. One time, I spent 15 minutes waiting for a rider, I mean seriously! I spent 9 minutes to come to the pax location, that’s 24 minutes goes by without getting paid.  The passenger knows when the driver will arrive, and received an alert that the driver is arriving but still for some reason, some riders are not anywhere near the pickup location.

Passengers need to be aware that the driver doesn’t pay until the trip officially starts, that’s when they’re actually in the car. Rest assured if you get a driver to wait for a period of time that not reasonable, you’ll get a low rating.

Things happen, so if you’re running late, simply text the driver and let him/her know to start the trip once at the pickup location. It doesn’t cost much, you only get charged $0.13 a minute for UberX in Tampa, in LA and Austin Texas, and I believe the rate is $0.18/minute.

You’re drunk but don’t act stupidly

No I don’t sell drugs, so stop asking me if I sell marijuana!  And don’t ask me where you can find some either.

Some of the lowest-rated passengers I’ve drove around were the drunkest ones for sure. Yes you should get an Uber when you’ve had too much to drink and can’t drive, but don’t act a fool.

Riders that rolled down windows and called on strangers, touching the car stereo without the driver’s permission will likely earn you a low rating. If you get a lot complaints from drivers, that can ultimately lead you to get banned from the uber system.

Another thing I want to emphasize is that if you puke one someone’s car, you’re certainly going to get a 1 star from the driver, a cleaning fee of up to $200 charge. If you damage the driver’s car, that can end up a higher fee.

Treat your driver as you want to be treated

Your driver is somebody whom you’ve never met; although you are paying for the ride, that doesn’t mean you have to be rude and bossy. In order to get a good uber passenger rating is to treat your Uber driver as you want to be treated. Show respect, you just jump into somebody’s car you never met, it’s expected of you to at least to be polite and respectful.

Don’t ask your driver to break the law

Don’t ask your driver to run through a red light or make an illegal U-turn just because you’re trying to save a couple bucks.  I hate to say this, once I had a rider who asked to make a quick stop and I did. It turns out that he’s buying drugs and so I ended the trip and started driving and left his ass. He started to run and called on me, “hey stop” lol. I’m sure he gave me a 1 star, and I certainly returned the favor.

A quick short list that can get you a low uber passenger rating

  • Not entering your final destination in the app
  • Short trip (and you don’t tip)
  • Slamming the driver’s vehicle door when getting out of the car, or getting in.
  • If driver already has entered your address in the GPS, don’t give turn by turn directions.
  • Talking on the driver’s face with your alcohol breath
  • Ask to smoke in the car! I mean really?

Tip your way to a five star rating

Unlike Lyft, Uber doesn’t have a tipping feature in their app. Although Uber stated that tips are not required, but you should know that many Uber drivers don’t make that much money. Uber dropped the fees to as low as $0.30 a mile in some cities, so do you really think they make a lot of money as uber claimed?  Ask yourself if Uber drivers were really making a lot of money,  why  would they keep asking uber to put a tip feature on the app. Drivers have a lot of expenses; fuel, car wash, vehicle maintenance etc…

As a driver, I can tell you if you tip an uber driver, no matter how much it is, you’ll certainly guarantee yourself a five star.  So, tip your uber driver, remember that yellow cab fees are 3-4X higher than Uber fees.  Don’t tell me you only taking uber because it’s convenient! Although that is one factor, but you’re also ubering because it’s cheap!

If you follow through with those tips, you’re gonna be a fiver star rider, and brag about how you have a perfect uber passenger rating.

Tell me your thoughts, what do you think should be adding to the list that can help with good ratings?