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10 Things That Can Get Uber Partners Deactivated

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How an Uber Partner Can Get Deactivated/Waitlisted?

As anyone working in a corporate organization will tell you, it is a daunting task working from 9A.M to 5P.M everyday of the week. You get to be your own boss as an Uber partner, or it’s as close as you can get. But at some point, you can get frustrated by some UBER policies.

If you are reading this, I assume you are not new to the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of driving. This article is not to scare you off but rather to highlights some instances that got some UBER drivers deactivated not knowing they operate outside of UBER’S policy. I will also talk about what to do to avoid a few things that can and will get you Uber waitlisted. Among the 10 things that can get you deactivated as an Uber partner, there are some obvious ones.

Uber partner cancelling on short trips

A few months ago, I was at Tampa International Airport and I pinged an Uber partner to come pick me up from the airport. He accepted my request and sent me a text asking where I was going. I replied back with the whereabouts of my final destination. The ride was cancelled.

My assumption was, he cancelled the ride because my destination was a short distance, about 12 minutes away which was not far enough to him. This paints a bad impression about UBER, and when UBER gets reports about such acts, you will be deactivated.

Asking your passengers for tips

I tend to agree with Uber on this policy that drivers shouldn’t be soliciting tips. Drivers shouldn’t get fired either for soliciting tips from their passenger. If you got offered tips by a pax, by  no means feel free to take it. I won’t pass on a tip, that’s just me, but I will not ask for one.

I feel that you should be free to discuss whatever you want, but no to soliciting tips. If you were asked by an Uber rider about tips, be my guest and talk about it. But anyway, since this is against UBER’S policy, you have no choice than to comply and not asking uber pax for tips.

This may not get to UBER’S notice easily, but the drivers rating will reflect it.  Once your rating drops so low, you eventually get dropped from the uber network.

Uber Partner promoting services of competitors

In the year 2014, several drivers got deactivation threats from UBER because of the impending employee lawsuit in California. Currently Uber is becoming more lenient with a driver giving referral cards to UBER passengers.

At a point I contacted UBER’s customer service about promoting their competitors. The answer I received from them did not sound like they have a problem with that. Since Lyft seems to be their biggest competitor, I would avoid promoting them while ubering.

Safety First

It is important to understand that the safety of your passenger is your top priority, and the next of course is yours. If you are the type that mistreat or harassing your passengers, drive under the influence of drugs, or act a maniac on the road, you will get deactivated from the uber platform.

Your passengers often times may not get to leave good comments when you give them the best ride. But if you endanger their lives, they will definitely report you for putting them through such risks.

Low ratings Uber partner

uber partner ratings

On UBER’S driver rating scale, anything above 4.7 is a good rating average. This rating is based on your total rated trips. As an Uber partner you should not have your driver rating drops below 4.6 if you do not want to get deactivated.

Once you are deactivated, you only get a second chance from UBER when you pay for a customer service class. Although UBER will not be strict with you on the expected average rating as a new driver, my recommendation is that you give rides to your customer from their own point of view and do not wait till your rating starts dropping.

Using Vehicles other than the ones you signed with

You can imagine yourself booking a particular UBER vehicle, only to see a vehicle model or even color totally different from what was supposed to pick you up, you know how confusing that can get.

I have gotten mails from lots of Uber partners complaining of being deactivated for switching vehicles from what they have listed on their account. I suggest a simple solution to this; add all the likely vehicles you may use at any point in time to your account. UBER offers even a free inspection on vehicles these days in case you wish to add another vehicle.

having other people in the car other than uber passengers

It is totally understandable while some drivers may need at least a friend to accompany them in their car, but from a rider’s viewpoint, such act is unacceptable. UBER’S policy does not in any situation permit you to have another person in your car outside UBER passengers while you are at work. Once your passenger leaves a feedback on this, or not knowing, you had one of UBER’S employees as a passenger in such situation, you will be deactivated.

publically speaking against uber services

Naturally, you may not be so satisfied with the person you work for, but still, no company or business will be able to take-in anything that can soil their image or reputation. So in your tweets or whatever platform of the social media, you need to be watchful of your utterances about UBER as any negative statement may likely get you deactivated when they discovered.

Uber’s updated background checks

As an Uber partner it is very important for you to keep a clean criminal and driving record due to an updated background check and new regulations by states or cites. This ensures that all Uber partners and vehicles are critically and regularly checked.

This is a tough situation as it happens too often these days, and i doubt if there is a way around getting deactivated due to their stringent background check other than to maintain a clean record.

Giving ride to family and friends too frequently

I have heard of several cases of Uber partners who pick their family members and even friends as their own passenger just to cover up for their ride minimums and stay active or even at guarantee hours.

Though it depends on the severity, but you could get deactivated by UBER for such act. And as a fight against fraud, UBER has placed a team at the head quarters to fish out and deactivate drivers that tries to take advantage of their system.

Irrespective of who you are, be it an intending Uber partner, a current one, or wherever you stand on the UBER experience, being an UBER driver is so much better than some other jobs and I guess that is why a lot of people are still in it.

In as much as you comply and avoid all the 10 things that can get you deactivated as an Uber partner, keep enjoying your driving while your passenger enjoys your ride!

I just talked about 10 things that can get you deactivated as an Uber partner. About you, what do you think missing from the list? Your comments are welcomed anytime. Thanks for reading!

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